taha Maori

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taha Māori

(Anthropology & Ethnology) NZ a Māori perspective or dimension of a subject
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The New Zealand school curriculum has included elements of Maoritanga and Taha Maori since the 1930s if not earlier (Simon, 1998; Walker, 2004).
"Belonging to Te Runanga means Maori have a place here, we have a right and we are all on a journey together." In his video clip, chief executive Geoff Annals said a partnership between Maori and non-Maori required all NZNO processes to be fully consistent with tikanga and to fit well with both taha Maori and taha Pakeha.
Taha Maori is able to coexist alongside nursing practice.
Smith, "Is 'Taha Maori' in Schools the Answer to Maori School Failure," in G.
"Te Taha Maori (The Maori Side Belongs to Us All)." New Zealand Bookworld, 1966, pp.
In the mid-1980s a new term, taha Maori (literally, 'Maori side') was dominating official discussions of Maori education.
At the sound of his voice reciting these tales of Maori life penned almost sixty years ago, I am once more in the presence of an artist whose commitment to the recognition and celebration of taha Maori was exemplary and prophetic, and of a friend as free from artifice as is his writing.
He grew up speaking Maori fluently and thanks his taha Maori for giving him a strong sense of identity and self-worth, and "for keeping me out of prison".
Recent initiatives to integrate taha Maori into the post-graduate diploma in clinical psychology programme at the University of Canterbury are outlined.