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also tah·seel·dar  (tə-sēl′där′)
A district official in India in charge of revenues and taxation.

[Urdu taḥsīldār, from Persian : taḥṣīl, collection, revenue (from Arabic, infinitive of ḥaṣṣala, to acquire, collect, derived stem of ḥaṣala, to occur, obtain; see ḥṣl in Semitic roots) + -dār, having; see dher- in Indo-European roots.]


(Government, Politics & Diplomacy) the officer in charge of the collection of revenues, etc, in a tahsil
[C18: via Hindi from Persian, from tahsil + Persian -dār having]
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Tenders are invited for Construction of new tahsildar office building at gannavaram, Est.
An additional tahsildar had also been transferred out a few days ago.
Harold Maxwell Lefroy, appointed Imperial Entomologist of India in 1905 was not mistaken when he reportedly claimed that 'much may be learnt from enquiries pursued by the Mamlatdar or Tahsildar (district revenue collectors) and especially in regard to the attitude of the cultivator towards his pests'.
Prasant MC, Patil A, Aher V, Tahsildar S, Deshpande R, Oral Submucous Fibrosis: Medical Management, GJMEDPH, Vol.
On this occasion Tahsildar Daftar Khan, Tahsildar Arshad Khan and other tribal elders were also present including Sardar Malak Drya Khan Afridi, Malak Mohammad Hasan, Malak Abdullah Khan, and Malak Abdul Razaq.
The Lokayukta had directed the Bengaluru North tahsildar to ascertain whether the minister's family had encroached upon government land.
Nitai Chakraborty S/0 Ganesh Chakraborty of Kanuria Mukshudpur under Gopalganj distric filed case of release his ancestral property from VP(Kh) list under section 14 ( Kha), but Local land officials including Tahsildar in connivance of political goons are spoiling Sheikh Hasina's good efforts of transferring the property to the owner.
Neha Reddy The Dream Team Shivani Arjun & Nikita Khare Scary Scholars Preetha Mani & Anushika Kulshreshtha Swiftie Saints Aiman Muzzammil Sayed & Muskn Salim Tahsildar JUNIOR CATEGORY - Indian School Sohar The Incredibles Shubbhangi Sinha & karshee Jain Sparkles Ashwin V.
The tahsildar (officer in charge of a taluk) agreed to accept applications for certificates by e-mail (i.
The locals are aware of the irresponsible attitude of the Drinking Water and Irrigation Department but they do expect the SDM and Tahsildar to listen to their requests.
The provincial administration was manned more heavily by native officials, whose cadre functioned from the patwari to tahsildar level and to secretariat roles.
Tenders are invited for Construction of tahsildar office building at ananthapur (v) & (m) in ananthapur district