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Noun1.tail assembly - the rear part of an aircraft
fuselage - the central body of an airplane that is designed to accommodate the crew and passengers (or cargo)
horizontal tail - the horizontal stabilizer and elevator in the tail assembly of an aircraft
back, rear - the side that goes last or is not normally seen; "he wrote the date on the back of the photograph"
stabilizer - airfoil consisting of a device for stabilizing an aircraft
vertical tail - the vertical airfoil in the tail assembly of an aircraft
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The CAAP said a Cessna C152 aircraft, owned by WCC Aviation, sustained 40 percent burn from the cabin to half of the aircraft's tail assembly after it crashed in Barangay Linmansangan near Binalonan airport's runway 35 at 7:30 a.m.
The tail assembly problem surfaced during the air display, raising doubts as to the suitability of the aircraft for Iran's aviation fleet.
The mangled rear part of the fuselage lay upside down, its wings and tail assembly sheared off and multiple holes torn into its side.
This reduces the size of a BLI tail assembly, saving weight and reducing drag.
MHI is planning to use its Oye and Tobishima plants for fuselage and wing assembly, and its Matsusaka Plant for tail assembly.
My ambition is to approach a preserved Spitfire, open the rear door in the fuselage and view the tail assembly.
Technically, the Ahrlac is a tandem two-seat, pusher prop airplane with a twin boom empennage (tail assembly).
The tail assembly is unusual, and could indicate some kind of previously unknown stealth capability.