tail away

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1. The hindmost part of something:
2. Something that follows or is drawn along behind:
3. Informal. An agent assigned to observe and report on another:
Informal. To keep (another) under surveillance by moving along behind:
Informal: bird-dog.
phrasal verb
tail away or off
To grow or cause to grow gradually less:
References in classic literature ?
He had a habit, Mary remarked, and she had never noticed it so clearly before, of letting his sentences tail away in a continuous murmur, whereupon he passed into a state of abstraction, presumed by his children to indicate some train of thought too profound for utterance.
He's a leftarm bowler who likes to bowl a lot of overs, he's aggressive, he likes to come in and blow the tail away if he can, he reverse swings it.
They usually get off to a flying start, top the league and then tail away in the second half of the season.
But we kept going and got a couple of wickets then blew the tail away next morning and from then on showed a hell of a lot of fight and built some great partnerships under pressure.