tail back


w>tail back

vi (Brit: traffic) → sich gestaut haben
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It looks as though a vehicle had a blow out and because of that it slewed across both lanes causing a tail back.
Once the problem behavior is resolved, BioMane Equine Pellets help grow the damaged tail back to its natural length, while also enhancing its luster and strength.
You could guarantee every morning and tea time there would be a tail back, sometimes as far as Wideopen.
Many will also think there should be another exit road for the M62 on the westbound carriageway at Junction 23 at Outlane as the queues trying to leave the motorway at Junction 24 sometimes tail back several miles down the motorway as traffic struggles to get round busy Ainley Top roundabout.
While I was pulling the shark by the tail back into deeper water, her 2ft-long babies were swimming through my legs.
The jam led to a tail back of several kilometres on Ittlhad Shaikh Zayed Road lane from Sharjah towards Dubai and Abu Dhabi.
I daily see traffic holdups on the A45 tail back from Leamington Road island and feel this could be made even more chaotic if this proposal is carried out.
Trim the belly and tail back and make cuts just into the skin all the way along the fillet keeping them about 5mm apart.
Summary: A jam along China's Beijing-Tibet highway grew to more than 75 miles long as the tail back of cars extended into its third day.
These amino acids, when chemically modified, act to "glue" the tail back to the body of PTEN and prevent the attachment of PTEN to the membrane.
A few hours later, the comet grew its ion tail back, using particles from the comet's core.
Instead, it turned around and started swinging its tail back and forth.