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Noun1.tail feather - feather growing from the tail (uropygium) of a birdtail feather - feather growing from the tail (uropygium) of a bird
sickle feather - one of the long curved tail feathers of a rooster
flight feather, quill feather, pinion, quill - any of the larger wing or tail feathers of a bird
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Lastly, she put her dead husband's wig on the bare scalp of the pumpkin, and surmounted the whole with a dusty three-cornered hat, in which was stuck the longest tail feather of a rooster.
In the above-described warfare, if a Pygmy chanced to pluck out a crane's tail feather, it proved a very great feather in his cap.
The Jacobin has the feathers so much reversed along the back of the neck that they form a hood, and it has, proportionally to its size, much elongated wing and tail feathers. The trumpeter and laugher, as their names express, utter a very different coo from the other breeds.
She fixed up some of her tail feathers that were not straight, and then tucked her head under her wing again and went to sleep.
His recent photos include two pictures of his 6-year-old daughter with ex-wife Jenna Dewan, Everly, with the caption, 'Me and you, little tail feather, running through fairy tales forever.
The procedure resulted in resolution of the frequent tail feather trauma and an acceptable cosmetic appearance.
The 5-by-8-foot long Tail Feather modular camper is made of molded polyethylene panels and is designed to rest either on an inexpensive utility trailer (not included), or in the bed of a pickup truck.
The former Pussycat Doll will dance to Shake Ya Tail Feather from The Blues Brothers on this weekend's Blackpool special.
We went for the Big Bird Burger (PS7.95), which came with chips, and the Shake Ya Tail Feather sandwich (PS5.75) which was also served with chips.
STRICTLY COME DANCING: THE LAUNCH BBC1, 6.50pm It's that time of year again when celebrities top up their fake tan and get ready to shake a tail feather - yes, Strictly Come Dancing is back.
With the males' iridescent blue chests and signature fanned tail feather displays, the peafowl (males are peacocks, females peahens) are the most stunning of living lawn ornaments.
Tail: Both ecotypes differed significantly in tail feather colors (Pless than 0.000) and patterns (Pless than 0.000).