tail gunner

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(Mil.) A member of the crew of a bomber airplane who operates the defensive gun at the rear of the airplane.
- W. C. Russell.

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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Palmer's long journey to Boom School started on active duty as a tail gunner in the B-52 in 1988, the last year of Ronald Reagan's presidency as the Cold War was winding down.
Russell Alan "Phil" Phillips (Domhnall Gleeson), and tail gunner, Sgt.
And the most dangerous role on these aircraft was the tail gunner, which enemy fighter planes mercilessly targeted as the most vulnerable spot on them.
The Air Force has been a very big part of my family, starting with the fact that my father served in the 13th Army Air Force in World War II and was a radio operator, tail gunner on a B-25 in the South Pacific for two-and-a-half years.
The Liberator's midships gunner was killed and the tail gunner was wounded.
Kurtenbach, a B-17 tail gunner. (13) The Geneva Convention authorized prisoners to "appoint representatives to represent them before the military authorities and the protecting powers." (14) Camps for officers were simply led by the most senior prisoner, whereas enlisted airmen (most of whom were either staff sergeants or technical sergeants, as privates did not fly combat missions) elected their representative.
TAIL GUNNER: For snappy casts and maximum distance, hook jumbo live shrimp through the durable tail with the hook facing aft.
He had spent three years in World War II in the South Pacific debriefing combat pilots, and word got back to Wisconsin that he fought as a tail gunner and suffered a war wound.
Aged 20, he became an American citizen in 1944 and joined the US Air Force as a tail gunner, winning the Distinguished Flying Cross.
Then tail gunner Bob Caron shouted in terror as a fast-rising wall of air travelled towards them at the speed of sound.
Known as the "Flying Fortress," it was the first bomber to be equipped with a tail gunner. Following graduation, they were given command of their planes and permission to personalize them.