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tail lamp

(Automotive Engineering) other names for rear light


[ˈteɪllaɪt] N (US) → piloto m, luz f trasera, calavera f (Mex)


(teil) noun
1. the part of an animal, bird or fish that sticks out behind the rest of its body. The dog wagged its tail; A fish swims by moving its tail.
2. anything which has a similar function or position. the tail of an aeroplane/comet.
to follow closely. The detectives tailed the thief to the station.
having a (certain size, type etc of) tail. a black-tailed duck; a long-tailed dog.
tails noun, adverb
(on) the side of a coin that does not have the head of the sovereign etc on it. He tossed the coin and it came down tails.
a call showing that a person has chosen that side of the coin when tossing a coin to make a decision etc.
ˌtail-ˈend noun
the very end or last part. the tail-end of the procession.
ˈtail-light noun
the (usually red) light on the back of a car, train etc. He followed the tail-lights of the bus.
tail wind
a wind coming from behind. We sailed home with a tail wind.
tail off
1. to become fewer, smaller or weaker (at the end). His interest tailed off towards the end of the film.
2. (also tail away) (of voices etc) to become quieter or silent. His voice tailed away into silence.
References in classic literature ?
"Um," said the other man, as the tail-lights of the train grew small.
The rear has new tail-light clusters and a suite of new connectivity and safety kit.
I am a bit of a tail-light person and among my top 10 tail-lights is that of the Jaguar.
Novit has nearly 100 staff and distributes mainly to headlight and tail-light manufacturers in the USA.
"We detected 5,711 faults relating to tyres, 5,702 cases where vehicles lacked a tail-light, 4,796 faults of lacking security and safety accessories, 4,402 faults relating to unclear plates, and 2,999 cases of lacking roadworthiness in vehicles," he added.
It may be just me, but I regularly wonder - as I sit tail-light to tail-light in another contra-flow-that the tunnels are run for the benefit of the tunnel authorities rather than the driver.