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1. A hinged part that extends across the rear of a pickup truck or other vehicle and can be folded down or to a horizontal position for loading and unloading.
2. One of the pair of gates downstream in a canal lock.
v. tail·gat·ed, tail·gat·ing, tail·gates
To drive so closely behind (another vehicle) that a collision is likely if that vehicle brakes suddenly.
1. To follow another vehicle too closely.
2. To participate in a tailgate party.

tail′gat′er n.
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Noun1.tailgater - a driver who follows too closely behind another motor vehicle
driver - the operator of a motor vehicle
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While this display may not include a full-size couch (as the Deem family's tailgate setup does), it can be a great way to inspire a tailgater.
Dhu-AlHijjah 10, 1437, September 11, 2016, SPA -- New Jersey state police say hot coals apparently left in a parking lot by a tailgater sparked a fire at MetLife Stadium that spread to six vehicles, according to AP.
Tenders are invited for Purchase of two Extreme Tailgater towable tailgate.
com and Tailgater have established a brand that represents the lifestyle of tailgating.
And in my experience the police do little or nothing to prosecute a tailgater.
And speaking of football, Tail-gaters, an NFL licensee, is introducing NFL team tailgater pants, complete with concealed sitting and standing beverage holders and hidden thigh vent.
But to them, and to all disbelievers, we point to the triumphant headline on a recent edition of Tailgater Monthly (swear to God), which proclaims not only that tailgating is a sport, but that it is "America's Fastest Growing Sport.
Each area has its own atmosphere, but falls under the umbrella of the tailgating scene as a whole," said Walt Denton, alumnus and avid tailgater.
Unraveling what differentiates a life-time tailgater from a fair-weather fan is certainly of interest to marketers as it relates to the overall commitment of the consumer to the ritual and offers insight into other sport-related rituals.
If you can't get enough from the ATA sites, there's always The Ultimate Tailgater (http://theultimatetailgater.
No one likes a tailgater, but what can you do about it?
But because we grabbed the pictures quickly and without looking," Burroughs recalls in the book, "often a tailgater would get a cum shot with the words NO PASSING ON A SOLID LINE printed beneath it.