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1. tailings Refuse or dross remaining after ore has been processed.
2. Architecture The portion of a tailed beam, brick, or board inside a wall.


(Building) the part of a beam, rafter, projecting brick or stone, etc, embedded in a wall


(ˈteɪ lɪŋ)

1. the part of a projecting stone or brick tailed or inserted in a wall.
2. tailings, gravel, aggregate, etc., or other residue of a product, as in mining; leavings.
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Noun1.tailing - the act of following someone secretly
chase, pursual, pursuit, following - the act of pursuing in an effort to overtake or capture; "the culprit started to run and the cop took off in pursuit"
extension homopolymérique
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To compare and analyze the sensitivity of each interval parameter on the interval nonprobabilistic reliability, make the deviation of parameters [c.sub.1] and [f.sub.1] of the tailing dam change 0.002 toward both sides each time based on the previous deviation when calculating the interval nonprobabilistic reliability.
Petrov lake of glacial origin is situated in upper part of tailing of Kumtor mining.
The site includes an operational molybdenum mine and milling facility, a tailing facility and a tailing pipeline running from the mill to the tailing facility, EPA reports.
Says Ferguson, "You then build up an organic layer where you get bacteria, like algae, and in that way you reduce oxygen right at the top layer of your tailing." To reduce the availability of sulfides to both water and air, other new techniques have been tried, such as autoclaving and encapsulating the rock in materials such as silica.
The Ministry of Natural Resources proposed to build a new tailing and to produce a plan for conservation of the currently used tailing to the Kumtor Operating Company to avoid possible emergency situations at the production facilities of the Kumtor mine.
When the content of the iron tailing powder is 50%, the chloride diffusion coefficient of the concrete is little different from that of the single slag powder.
Delegates to the Colorado conference heard a presentation from Jeremy Boswell and colleagues at Thurber Engineering on some of the operational challenges experienced, and remedies found, where using thickened tailing technology.
ITOGON -- The country's first and oldest mining company is rushing the rehabilitation of two tailings ponds here to prevent a potential mine spill, officials said on Friday.
In making this exciting announcement, Eldora Gold's Tailings Processing division will begin to establish a new mill on its first prioritized tailings disposal site in Kirkland Lake, Canada, having already conducted on-site sample testing and results evaluation.
Typical projects will include design/build solutions for dams, tailings basin, waste piles, open pits, demolition, revegetation and other mining related infrastructures.
Tailings have been used for backfill since mining began although the full-scale use of classified (i.e.
ONE OF YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK'S most popular fly-fishing rivers is threatened by mine tailings that, if set free by a heavy spring runoff, could poison and kill the ecosystem that supports its trout.