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1. A piece forming an end; an appendage.
2. Printing An engraving or design placed as an ornament at the end of a chapter or at the bottom of a page.
3. Architecture A beam tailed into a wall. Also called tail beam.
4. Music A triangular piece of wood, usually ebony, to which the lower ends of the strings of a violin or other related instrument are attached.
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1. an extension or appendage that lengthens or completes something
2. (Printing, Lithography & Bookbinding) printing a decorative design at the foot of a page or end of a chapter
3. (Music, other) music a piece of wood to which the strings of a violin, etc, are attached at their lower end. It is suspended between the taut strings and the bottom of the violin by a piece of gut or metal
4. (Architecture) architect Also called: tail beam a short beam or rafter that has one end embedded in a wall
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1. a piece added at the end; appendage.
2. a small decorative design at the end of a chapter or a page.
3. a triangular piece of wood to which the lower ends of the strings of a stringed instrument are fastened.
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Noun1.tailpiece - appendage added to extend the length of something
appendage - a part that is joined to something larger
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[ˈteɪlpiːs] N [of violin] → cordal m; (= addition) → apéndice m, añadidura f
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