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1. A piece forming an end; an appendage.
2. Printing An engraving or design placed as an ornament at the end of a chapter or at the bottom of a page.
3. Architecture A beam tailed into a wall. Also called tail beam.
4. Music A triangular piece of wood, usually ebony, to which the lower ends of the strings of a violin or other related instrument are attached.


1. an extension or appendage that lengthens or completes something
2. (Printing, Lithography & Bookbinding) printing a decorative design at the foot of a page or end of a chapter
3. (Music, other) music a piece of wood to which the strings of a violin, etc, are attached at their lower end. It is suspended between the taut strings and the bottom of the violin by a piece of gut or metal
4. (Architecture) architect Also called: tail beam a short beam or rafter that has one end embedded in a wall



1. a piece added at the end; appendage.
2. a small decorative design at the end of a chapter or a page.
3. a triangular piece of wood to which the lower ends of the strings of a stringed instrument are fastened.
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Noun1.tailpiece - appendage added to extend the length of something
appendage - a part that is joined to something larger


[ˈteɪlpiːs] N [of violin] → cordal m; (= addition) → apéndice m, añadidura f
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It features a slimmer headlamp with larger air ducts, an inner fairing that extracts heat away from the radiator, an outer fairing that gives the bike a cleaner appearance, a tailpiece that is a short, sharp unit, while the instrument console has a large TFT screen.
According to federal investigators, Lambka was standing between the coal rib and the feeder when the securing post dislodged, allowing the tailpiece unit to shift and pin him between the rib and the frame of the feeder.
The tailpiece seems to be lifted straight from the Bandit 1250, yes it is that big.
Then use slip-joint pliers to loosen the compression nuts at the drain tailpiece and both nuts on the trap.
Yamaha includes a number of high-quality components in the V Series outfits, including: ebony pegs, D'Addario Prelude strings, composite tailpiece with four fine tuners, wood bow with ebony frog and sturdy shaped ABS plastic case.
Advantages of the double-bowl configuration include the ability to outfit different outlet styles in the basins (such as a straight tailpiece on one side and a trap or grinder on the other).
Moreover, the tailpiece does not show specimen journal entries.
In the working blades of the gas turbine engines, the 'fir tree' tailpiece is also an important part in comparison with the blade.
AN event that started 59 years ago is going just as strong as ever and proving a wonderful tailpiece to the Welsh rugby scene that players are still happy to play in with no financial gain.
The following abbreviations were utilized: E = embolus; Em = embolic membrane; M = membrane; P = paracymbium; Pt = protegulum; PTA = pedipalpal tibial apophysis; R = radix; St = subtegulum; T = tegulum; Tm = position of metatarsal trichobothria; TP = radical tailpiece.
Shan Brogeen's rider Tom Feeney was banned for seven days for attempting to weigh out with a body protector that had the tailpiece removed and he received a further three days for unacceptable behaviour when misleading an official.
The bike may look intimidating, especially with that "GSX1400" logo on the tailpiece, but swing a leg over the ample seat and the whole plot feels quite compact with a sitting "in" rather than "on" sensation.