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1. The part of a millrace below the water wheel through which the spent water flows.
2. A channel for floating away mine tailings and refuse.


1. (Civil Engineering) a channel that carries water away from a water wheel, turbine, etc. Compare headrace
2. (Mining & Quarrying) mining the channel for removing tailings in water



1. a channel leading away, as from a waterwheel.
2. a channel for conducting tailings away.
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Noun1.tailrace - a watercourse that carries water away from a mill or water wheel or turbine
waterway, watercourse - a conduit through which water flows
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These works included construction of the dam, de-sander, waterway system including head and tailrace tunnels, underground powerhouse, transformers hall, switchyard and transmission line to evacuate electricity generated by the project.
The lower part of the unit is installed in the sub-surface and so the team faced the real-world challenges in operating in a mining environment, and the upper part, which houses the header/forebay tank and tailrace tank, stands approximately 15 m above the shaft collar level.
Tenders are invited for Balance Portion Of Fencing For Park At Exit Of Tailrace Channel Of Ushp-Ii Kangan
The tailrace is a much smaller area to fish than Lake Talquin.
In the process, the dam releases 70 cubic meters per second of water through its tailrace, a water channel below the dam.
The present study was undertaken to find out different geotechnical properties of Chitral slates for heavy construction such as dam components like a weir, diversion and intake, sand trap, headrace tunnel, access tunnel and tailrace.
Tailrace tunnel excavation completed upto 99%, benching and invert concrete laying in progress, Outlet structure concreting is 90% and overall progress is 68%.
ESB reservoirs across the country include facilities at Poulaphoca and Golden Falls in Wicklow, Leixlip in Kildare, Inniscarra and Carrigadrohid in Cork, the Ardnacrusha headrace and tailrace canal in Co Clare and Assaroe and Lough NaCung in Co Donegal.
ASR caused following problems in Warsak Dam (Izhar, 1990): (1) Cracks in generator floor were found along with the spalling of concrete and reinforcement was exposed on most of the locations, (2) Longitudinal cracks appeared on the turbine floor, which leaked under full reservoir condition, (3) Appearance of cracks and opening of construction joints were observed in valve gallery, superstructure and tailrace channel along with erosion of spillway chute.
Lai, "Nonlinear modeling and stability analysis of hydro-turbine governing system with sloping ceiling tailrace tunnel under load disturbance," Energy Conversion and Management, vol.
After passing through the turbines, the water will flow into Jhelum River through tailrace tunnel.