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 (tə-zhēn′, -jēn′)
1. An earthenware pot used in the cooking of Morocco, consisting of a tall conical lid and a shallow base that doubles as a serving dish.
2. A thick stew slowly simmered in such a pot, typically made of meat or poultry, vegetables, fresh or dried fruits, and spices.

[Arabic ṭājin, frying pan, shallow earthenware pot, from Greek tagēnon, tēganon, frying pan, of unknown origin.]


(tæˈʒiːn) or


1. (Cookery) a large, heavy N African cooking pot with a conical lid
2. (Cookery) a N African stew with vegetables, olives, lemon, garlic and spices, cooked in a tagine
[from Moroccan Arabic tažin, from Arabic tājun frying pan]
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In terms of food, Moroccan cuisine definitely means tajines.
The tajine consists of three big chicken pieces with green olives cooked in a sauce of coriander and lemon.
Parmi les articles les plus insolites proposes a la clientele, des tapis d'epoque faits main, concus et tisses par des femmes tunisiennes, des recipients [beaucoup moins que] tajines [beaucoup plus grand que] en ceramique, ou des plats de cuisson, des tuniques brodees pour enfants et des pantoufles en cuir, surtout, des amulettes [beaucoup moins que] khomsas [beaucoup plus grand que] en ceramique.
Fashioned in a charming palette of colours, it offers a scrumptious Friday brunch, with diversified buffets, bringing the tastes of some of the world's signature cuisines to life, from mouth-watering Mediterranean and sizzling Indian to savoury Moroccan tajines and flavourful Arabic dishes and mezzes.
More exotic dishes include Moroccan Tajines, while lighter choices include smoked haddock fish cakes with a salad of grapefruit and roasted sweet chillies.
Cous cous remains a staple, and traditional meaty stews - called tajines after the bell shaped pot they are cooked in - as well as honey soaked breads and pancakes, all remain national favourites.
Add some to this Lamb Tajine with Carrot Fritters to give it a really authentic taste.
Budget-wary cooks looking to prepare a tasty, simple meal might enjoy making a lamb tajine with carrots and fava beans, says John Higby, the lunch chef at Cafe Soriah.
A tajine is typical Middle Eastern or Mediterranean fare, much like the menu at Soriah.
A special clay pot, also known as a tajine, is filled with the ingredients.