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 (tə-kä′ē, tə-kī′)
Either of two flightless birds of New Zealand in the rail family, Porphyrio mantelli, which is extinct, and Porphyrio hochstetteri, which is endangered, having a large red bill and brightly colored green and blue plumage.

[Maori takahē.]


(Animals) a very rare flightless New Zealand rail, Notornis mantelli
[from Māori, of imitative origin]
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Noun1.takahe - flightless New Zealand birds similar to gallinulestakahe - flightless New Zealand birds similar to gallinules
rail - any of numerous widely distributed small wading birds of the family Rallidae having short wings and very long toes for running on soft mud
genus Notornis - a genus of Rallidae
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The force confirmed it is working closely with the Metropolitan Police probe into a number of animal deaths, known as Operation Takahe.
Thanks Shanks: How Bill Shankly bought me an education and Denis Law kicked me in the shins' is written by Chris Arnot and published by Takahe Publishing Ltd.
Anyone with any information about who may be committing these offences can call the investigating team on 020 8649 0216 and ask for Operation Takahe.
Boudicca Rising, of South Norwood Animal Rescue and Liberty, said: "After consultation with police, we have ruled the deer's head and paw into the Takahe investigation.
One of the rarest birds in New Zealand at the time, the takahe, was commemorated on the highest-denomination decimal note, the $100.
A Hampshire Police spokesman said: "We believe these incidents may be linked to Operation Takahe, a series of cat deaths in the Croydon/M25 area, and is being investigated by the Metropolitan Police Service.
The other three designs are called Tui, Takahe and Kereru.
Collins, who also created the Sign of the Takahe and Nazareth House Chapel, it is the only war memorial in New Zealand dedicated solely to the memory of women.
It also does not mention that though moa were the principle browser, there were many others including the extant kereru (pigeon) and paradise shelduck, the functionally extinct takahe and kakapo as well as many extinct geese and flightless ducks that have been overlooked as herbivores.
Other species, including the remaining varieties of huia, the kiwi, the flightless rail, the takahe and the kakapo are all on the verge of disappearance.
They are an integral part of the conservation management of the New Zealand takahe (Porphyrio hochstetteri), an endangered flightless rail.
Ossie Fargher, 9 Takahe Street, Taihape, New Zealand, 4720; wellsfargo@xtra.