take control

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Verb1.take control - assume control
head, lead - be in charge of; "Who is heading this project?"
move in on - seize control of
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The Libyan military police indeed managed to take control of the border post from the rebels of Zouara who had been taking control of it since the end of fights in the country.
aims to shift the perception of what it means to have diabetes and encourage people living with diabetes to feel empowered to take control and join the movement for better blood sugar control.
The viruses come with programs called "bots," which act like robots and allow the extortionists to take control of the infected systems and use them to attack their victims.
With inner motivation it is possible to take control of how one uses one's body, eats, uses substances such as nicotine and alchohol, manages stress, and so on and so forth, and make health promoting/disease preventing changes in the way one lives.