take the veil

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Verb1.take the veil - become a nun; "The young woman took the veil after her fiance died"
profess - take vows, as in religious order; "she professed herself as a nun"
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den Schleier nehmen
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Although she saw herself a widow, it is said she refused either to quit the convent or take the veil, until, not long afterwards, intelligence reached her that Lothario had been killed in a battle in which M.
I shall devote myself for a time to the examination of the Roman Catholic dogmas, and to a careful study of the workings of their system: if I find it to be, as I half suspect it is, the one best calculated to ensure the doing of all things decently and in order, I shall embrace the tenets of Rome and probably take the veil."
Certainly Venetian novices can hardly have been unaware of the financial interests which had constrained them to take the veil;(75) and it seems probable that their consent to being placed in the "public warehouse" of the convent for the good of the family fortune was conditional on being allowed to live a reasonably untrammelled life.

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