take the veil

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Verb1.take the veil - become a nun; "The young woman took the veil after her fiance died"
profess - take vows, as in religious order; "she professed herself as a nun"
den Schleier nehmen
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I shall devote myself for a time to the examination of the Roman Catholic dogmas, and to a careful study of the workings of their system: if I find it to be, as I half suspect it is, the one best calculated to ensure the doing of all things decently and in order, I shall embrace the tenets of Rome and probably take the veil.
Although she saw herself a widow, it is said she refused either to quit the convent or take the veil, until, not long afterwards, intelligence reached her that Lothario had been killed in a battle in which M.
Take the veils off and keep them off, it saves hassle.

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