take time off

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Verb1.take time off - take time off from work; stop working temporarily
cut off, disrupt, interrupt, break up - make a break in; "We interrupt the program for the following messages"
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"Although employees have a legal right to take time off to deal with emergencies involving dependents, those having to juggle work with ongoing caring responsibilities can feel under considerable pressure and may even be forced to give up work," said Mike Blake, Willis PMI Group director.
What rights do employees have to take time off work in connection with their dependents?
Being too busy at work is cited as the main reason for not taking holidays while some said they were afraid to take time off.
NEW research out today shows 7.4m workers across the UK plan to watch EVERY World Cup game - yet only a tenth of people will be allowed to take time off.
All employees regardless of their length of service have the right to take time off to care for a dependant.