takeover attempt

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Noun1.takeover attempt - an attempt to take control of a corporation
bear hug - a takeover bid so attractive that the directors of the target company must approve it or risk shareholder protest
proxy fight - a measure used by an acquirer to gain control of a takeover target; acquirer tries to persuade other shareholders that the management of the target should be replaced
attempt, effort, try, endeavor, endeavour - earnest and conscientious activity intended to do or accomplish something; "made an effort to cover all the reading material"; "wished him luck in his endeavor"; "she gave it a good try"
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in 2005 the board of directors of the targeted company tried to issue massive warrants to Fuji TV without their shareholders' consent in order to foil the takeover attempt.
82% and interfere with our business despite the European Commission blocking both Ryanair's first hostile takeover attempt six years ago and its most recent hostile takeover attempt earlier this year," he said.
82 per cent stake in Aer Lingus after an aborted takeover attempt in 2006.
02) a share and the Irish government, which retains a stake in the airline since privatisation, said it will look at the new takeover attempt.
LVMH also said that assuming control of Hermes, or a takeover attempt on the company did not feature in its plans.
The Exeter-based alternative drug delivery firm blamed the loss on increased expenses, including advisory and consulting services--apparently in response to a hostile takeover attempt--and research and development into Nasulin, a product the company has Since abandoned and was one of the slated reasons behind that takeover attempt.
This followed a previous takeover attempt by private equity firm CVC at the height of the buy-out boom, which foundered because of opposition from the trustees.
6 billion takeover proposal in July 2007 foundered, as did a previous takeover attempt by private equity firm CVCs.
CNET Networks' (San Francisco, CA) board of directors has adopted a stockholders rights plan, or "poison pill," in response to a takeover attempt led by investment firm JANA Partners (New York).
It also follows a momentous year for the exchange, in which it fought off a hostile takeover attempt from US rival Nasdaq and bought Milan-based Borsa Italiana to become Europe's biggest exchange business.
Analysts reportedly said the move by the LSE appeared aimed at fending off another takeover attempt by Nasdaq.
lbn private equity takeover attempt earlier this year.