takeover bid

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Noun1.takeover bid - an offer to buy shares in order to take over the company
two-tier bid - a takeover bid where the acquirer offers to pay more for the shares needed to gain control than for the remaining shares
any-and-all bid - a takeover bid where the acquirer offers to buy any and all shares outstanding
tender offer - an offer to buy shares in a corporation (usually above the market price) for cash or securities or both
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The Rights Plan has not been adopted in response to, or in anticipation of, any offer or takeover bid and is subject to regulatory approval.
MAC President Yoshiaki Murakami, a former Ministry of International Trade and Industry bureaucrat, said the takeover bid is aimed at improving Shoei's shareholder value, which he said has been neglected by the company.
To qualify as a Permitted Bid, among other things, the acquiring party must make a takeover bid by way of a takeover bid circular prepared in compliance with applicable securities laws to all Virginia's shareholders other than the acquiring person or group and the bid must be open for acceptance for at least 60 days.
But probably the most shocking merger and acquisition news was the appellate court reversal in Oracle's (NASDAQ: ORCL) takeover bid for PeopleSoft (PSFT).
The company will undertake to submit the voluntary takeover bid documentation with the Romanian Financial Supervisory Authority and will publish the price of the takeover bid once the FSA has approved the preliminary announcement.
Analysts have been skeptical of takeover bids for Hershey in the past.
The relief applies to certain domestic and foreign takeover bids, accelerated rights issues, investor directed portfolio services (IDPS), share buy-backs and downstream acquisitions and is set out in the following new legislative instruments:
When faced with an unwanted acquisition proposal, a target board of directors may seek shareholder approval for a shareholder rights plan or "poison pill" to prevent acquisitions of its securities above the twenty per cent legislative takeover bid threshold.
They will now give the rank-and-file support the final say on whether to accept the takeover bid.
The takeover bid is seen to be launched from 16 December 2011 to 19 January 2012.
The Rights Plan is aimed at providing the company's board with adequate time to assess a takeover bid, to consider alternatives to a takeover bid and to provide NAEP's shareholders with time to assess a takeover bid.
The planned takeover bid values each ChemGenex share at some USD0.