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n. Islam
The practice of declaring another Muslim to be a nonbeliever and thus an enemy of Islam.

[Arabic takfīr, accusation of being a nonbeliever, verbal noun of kaffara, to call (someone) a nonbeliever, from kāfir, nonbeliever; see giaour.]
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But unfortunately Islam as a religion with human dignity and honor and peace as its prime mission wassabotaged by the autocratic Omayyad rulers who for the first time in the history of Islam introduced the ideology of takfir at the pretext of which they not only massacred hundreds of innocent souls, looted their homes and property, and usurped their human and civil rights, but also martyred the Holy Prophet's beloved grandson Imam Hussain along with his younger son Ali Akbar and his infant-child Ali Asghar and his almost seventy two companions.
All main political players are focused on their politics of hypocrisy, while religious parties are busy sheltering militants or throwing around fatwas of takfir on every politician they dislike.
Shiraz Maher, a specialist in jihadist radicalization,asserts that the five doctrinal tenets of Salafi jihadists create a coherent ideology: jihad (holy war), tawhid (the oneness of God), hakimiyya (true Islamic government), al-wala walbara (loyalty to divine truth and disavowal of untruth and polytheism), and takfir (the naming of disbelievers).
Jama'at al Muslimin (Society of Muslims), popularly known as Takfir wal-Hijra (Excommunication and Exodus), alternatively "excommunication and emigration" or "anathema and exile", is a radical Sunni Islamist group led by Shukri Mustafa, which had emerged in Egypt in the 1960s as an offshoot of Muslim Brotherhood being inspired by Sayyid Qutb.
They reject and excommunicate (takfir) the believers in Allah, the Quran, and the Ka'ba.
Sadr's concern about the fate of the region burdened with internal wars in Syria, Yemen and Bahrain on the one hand and internal depletion of resources because of terrorism, and takfir groups and taking place in the Middle East.
GROZNY: The Islamic nation has endured the negative and dangerous impact of classification and exclusion, including takfir, said Dr.
Speaking on takfir and extremism, Dr Ismail Osman Mohammed Almahi, the General President of Ansar al-Sunnah Al Muhammadiyah, Sudan, described extremism as un-Islamic and must be shun by all.
Twelve years ago we were proud to inaugurate the Amman Message, which among other outcomes has been an historic, global consensus by Muslim scholars agreeing who is a Muslim, forbidding Takfir, and explicitly recognising the validity of the eight Mathahibs of Islam.
On the suspension of Germany to sell arms to the Kingdom, he said: "The Kingdom has ceased to buy weapons from Germany long time ago." "The Muslim Brotherhood is the great mother of terrorism and groups such as Al-Qaeda, Al-Nusrah, Da'esh, and the Takfir and Al-Hijra groups that emerged in the era of the late Egyptian President Anwar Sadat, and we believe that the Muslim Brotherhood is a terrorist organization.
Just over a year ago, in mid-September 2017, the Islamic State issued a statement retracting its highly controversial memo on the issue of takfir (excommunication) and announcing its "return to the truth." The seven-page memo, from May 2017, had been the subject of numerous refutations by the self-styled scholars (ulama) of the Islamic State, foremost among them being Turki al-Bin'ali, the head of the Office of Research and Studies (Maktab al-Buhuth wa'l-Dirasat), who was killed in an airstrike in May 2017 while being detained by senior leaders of the caliphate.
Wahhabism and Salafism Madrasas throughout the United Kingdom still teach the ideology of "Takfir" and "Infidelity", through teachers and scholars who have been trained, educated and financed by Iran and Saudi Arabia.