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Winged sandals such as those worn by Hermes and Iris as represented in Greco-Roman painting and sculpture.

[Latin tālāria, from neuter pl. of tālāris, of the ankles, from tālus, ankle.]


pl n
(Classical Myth & Legend) Greek myth winged sandals, such as those worn by Hermes
[C16: from Latin, from tālāris belonging to the ankle, from tālus ankle]
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Noun1.talaria - a winged sandal (as worn by Hermes in Graeco-Roman art)talaria - a winged sandal (as worn by Hermes in Graeco-Roman art)
artistic creation, artistic production, art - the creation of beautiful or significant things; "art does not need to be innovative to be good"; "I was never any good at art"; "he said that architecture is the art of wasting space beautifully"
sandal - a shoe consisting of a sole fastened by straps to the foot
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With his horizon all his own, yet he a poor man, born to be poor, with his inherited Irish poverty or poor life, his Adam's grandmother and boggy ways, not to rise in this world, he nor his posterity, till their wading webbed bog-trotting feet get talaria to their heels.
lo que falta es que nos concienticemos todos y que hubiera trabajo todo el ano, asi seria un area protegida porque ya no se talaria el cerro, pero he ahi el dilema, que el trabajo pues dura 2 meses, el recurso, o menos ?
Burbank Planning Board has sanctioned the $150 million Talaria at Burbank mixed-used development.
hombres) australianos experiencia de haber (2006) de una unidad hospi- sido acosado hasta los talaria de Sidney, con 16 anos.
Su transparencia hace que sea el sufijo favorito para la formacion de potamonimos en todo el territorio bribri y que, incluso, algunos hablantes lo empleen ocasionalmente en sustitucion de otros; se ha observado, por ejemplo, Tunari en lugar de Tunani, Shawa'ri en lugar de Shawam y Talari en lugar de Talaria.
Ticket packages are available ranging from OFinest PackageO at USD 1,000 per person that includes tickets and VIP access to all public festival events as well as four nights of dining and live cooking demonstrations, 24-hour concierge service, a harbor cruise aboard a Maine-built Hinckley Talaria 44 and discounts at select inns and hotels.
The second section, "Middle-Sea and Lear-Sea" places Christ's birth in the sweep of Western history, as Christianity spread from the Mediterranean to England, a theme that returns in the penultimate section, "Mabinog's Liturgy" which refers to the "seven hundred and eighty-third year," since the founding of Rome, and the thirty-fourth since "his Leda/ said to his messenger/ (his bright talaria on)/fiat mihi.
Talaria contests the mares-only novice selling hurdle at Cartmel.
First job: Owner of Talaria a horse farm in Metamora
Talaria has been claimed in each of her last two races but will at least stay with present trainer Mick Quinn after her hat-trick attempt in the Travel By Train Classified Stakes.
The Picnic Boat's big sister, the twin jet-powered Talaria, will sell for upwards of $400,000 when it begins production later this year.
The skater has wings, talaria, to his feet" (11: 382).