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Plural of talus1.
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Tali, who specialises in semiclothed self-portraits, said breasts can be the hardest part of the body to capture on canvas.
According to the reports, a speeding motorcycle slipped due to its over speed Tali Pull and as a result, a motorcyclist identified as Jan Mohammad Siyal was killed on the spot.
At the opening of the Forum the Heads of the Parliamentary Friendship Groups between Armenia and Israel Gagik Minasyan and Tali Ploskov delivered speeches .
Tali Lennox, who survived a kayaking accident in the US <B
e wounds were self-inicted and, with focus regained, they stormed back into a twopoint half-time lead when Tali caught an inside pop to burst over for a third time.
Objectives: The objectives of this study were to estimate the angles of declination and inclination in adult human dry tali; to estimate the differences in the angles between right and left tali; and to report and estimate the differences in other morphological parameters such as maximum anterioposterior length of the talus, maximum transverse width of the talus, trochlear length, length of the sulcus tali, and width of the sulcus tali of right and left sides.
In the other model the calcaneus was fixated with the same AO calcaneal plate together with an additional screw being infiltrated into the sustentaculum tali.
Horn's talent for creating scenes of sadistic torment is as great as her extraordinary ability to integrate scholarship and Talmudic issues and Josie and Itamar's daughter Tali.
Officials in the Palestinian Awqaf said in a statement that more than 64 settlers entered the compound in groups and toured its squares to commemorate the third anniversary of the shooting dead Yitzhak and Tali Ames inside al-Aqsa compound.
Tali Wolder, of Floridian International Realty, assists buyers purchasing in golf and other exclusive communities.
Annie Lennox's daughter Tali and her friend Kat are fronting the campaign.
The campaign is fronted by Tali Lennox, daughter of Eurythmics singer Annie, and goes into selected stores - including Church Street - from tomorrow.