talk of the town

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: of the town - idle gossip or rumor; "there has been talk about you lately"
scuttlebutt, gossip, comment - a report (often malicious) about the behavior of other people; "the divorce caused much gossip"
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To this day I never pass its placards in the street without shaking it by the hand, and she used to sew its pages together as lovingly as though they were a child's frock; but let the truth be told, when she read that first article she became alarmed, and fearing the talk of the town, hid the paper from all eyes.
The Talk of the Town Awards, presented by Talk of the Town News, honor companies and professionals that provide excellent customer service as reported by their customers through no-cost, user-review websites, blogs, social networks, business rating services, and other honors and accolades.
Set in his hometown of Carlisle Talk of the Town is set in 1986 on the last day of the summer holidays.
2--Color) (Ran in AV Edition only) Champion dachshunds Raisin'L Just Right, left, and Tanska's Talk of the Town hail from the Reigning Cats & Dogs kennel in Palmdale.
With five Talk of the Town Awards to its credit, Christian Home Healthcare places a strong emphasis on customer service.
Michael and Jessica Kim took over the practice three years ago, continuing the long tradition of outstanding dental care and patient satisfaction, while also earning the highest possible rating of 5 stars from Talk of the Town for the past three years.
Coppola and the team at Northeast Children's Dentistry have been serving the community for more than three decades and are honored to receive the Talk of the Town Award for a fifth straight year.
Winning its fifth Talk of the Town Award in as many years reinforces for the team at College Works Painting that this is being accomplished every day.