talk terms

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: terms - discuss the terms of an arrangement; "They negotiated the sale of the house"
arbitrate, intercede, intermediate, liaise, mediate - act between parties with a view to reconciling differences; "He interceded in the family dispute"; "He mediated a settlement"
renegociate, renegotiate - revise the terms of in order to limit or regain excess profits gained by the contractor; "We renegociated our old mortgage now that the interest rates have come down"
hash out, talk over, discuss - speak with others about (something); talk (something) over in detail; have a discussion; "We discussed our household budget"
bargain, dicker - negotiate the terms of an exchange; "We bargained for a beautiful rug in the bazaar"
broker - act as a broker
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And his club Sevilla have indicated they are ready to do business, by paving the way for the 21-year-old (above) to talk terms before World Cup duty.
The Celta Vigo striker, who scored 12 goals in the Primera Division last season, has been strongly linked with a summer move to Liverpool and, according to an interview in Spanish newspaper Marca, he cancelled a scheduled holiday to talk terms with the Reds this week.
He was in West Yorkshire yesterday to talk terms - he has agreed a three-year deal - and undergo a medical after the two clubs agreed an undisclosed fee for a player who has previously been rated in the pounds 800,000 bracket.
Whelan also confirmed there will be no need to talk terms with Martinez.
A pounds 10million bid is needed from a club finishing in either the top six or playing European football to talk terms with the Premier League's in-form striker.
The Rugby Park captain will travel south on Monday to talk terms and undergo a medical.
Drury has acted quickly to talk terms with the 24-year-old Hauzinger, whose previous spells in this country with the Isle of Wight and Newcastle didn't always match some impressive performances elsewhere in Europe.
MIKEL ARTETA has indicated he is ready to talk terms on a new contract after reassuring Evertonians he will not leave to boost his international prospects.
The 33-year-old free agent is keen to talk terms with Bluebirds boss Dave Jones, who previously signed him for Wolves for pounds 1.75m.
Prime Minister Stanley Baldwin stepped into the row and pledged justice for both mine owners and miners saying: "The Government is not fighting to lower the standard of living of the miners." But he said he was not prepared to talk terms until the General Strike, called by the TUC in support of the miners, was called off.
If events did put GG-Media in a position to talk terms, the pounds 31,000 paid each meeting to the ten tracks under contract will have disappeared.