A lengthy session of discussions, speeches, or debate.


a long period of discussions, debates, or speeches
[C20: a blend of talk and marathon]


(ˈtɔ kəˌθɒn)

an extended discussion, esp. on a matter of public interest.
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Even if it is not cheap credit, I would strongly push for an affordable credit available for Indian industry only then the revival be (happen)," Nirmala Sitharaman said during the 90-minute talkathon.
They also wanted to save themselves the trouble of an all-night talkathon.
In between JR's nonstop talkathon about Democrats making accusations but not him, SB chimed in and said, "With all due respect, I've had two deaths in the family, I have a marriage coming up .
The 15-hour talkathon was not, unfortunately, pegged to any pending legislation to reduce the US' greenhouse gas emissions.
In March, 30 Senate Democrats conducted a 15-hour overnight talkathon to draw attention to climate change.
Udall was among more than 30 Democratic senators who engaged in a talkathon urging action on climate change this week, but he has largely stayed out of the Keystone fight.
19 million in 3rd quarter of 2013 - thanks to a surge after his 21-hour anti-Obamacare talkathon.
The alternative of allowing this fight to the death to play out -- a proposal heard daily on American talkathon television -- is not worthy of our civilization.
His guests on the 24-hour talkathon include Martin Freeman, Elle Macpherson, and the Got To Dance judges Ashley, Aston and Kimberly.
AppFest 2012 will have three tracks - Talkathon, Hackathon and Challengathon.
They've even started making short films, and in 2011 hosted a special twenty-four-hour talkathon with special guests like Adam Savage.
7 WEEKEND (Andrew Haigh) A Rohmer-esque talkathon punctuated by R-rated gay sex makes for a rom-com so precise, witty, desirous, and true that it beggars almost all recent comers to the genre.