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A lengthy session of discussions, speeches, or debate.


a long period of discussions, debates, or speeches
[C20: a blend of talk and marathon]


(ˈtɔ kəˌθɒn)

an extended discussion, esp. on a matter of public interest.
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Originally instituted after the Second Vatican Council in order to enflesh the conciliar teaching on collegiality, the synods quickly became talkathons in which all essential decision-making was left to the pope and the Curia.
The hardware device, of which there are four prototypes on proto-commercial terms since the start of 2014, is the box that aficionados of daylong talkathons will want to die for: it provides for endless delivery of your organization's speeches and discussions, live.
In fact, there were so many prominent Progressives in the early 20th century that Beck would have to devote several of his talkathons to the topic to give us some idea of the broad range of personalities and positions within the movement.
Banished to opposite sides of the stage and restrained from engaging in direct, one-on-one conversation, mother and daughter conduct their separate talkathons (in atrocious British accents) without really communicating.
76) Ironically, Odham's campaign might also have been hurt by the very fact that McCarty was taping the talkathons.
In the event, the talkathons failed to win the election for Odham, but they were surely in large part responsible for securing him a runoff election with McCarty.
I had decided not to run the talkathons for 24 hours as in the first campaign and they started off disastrously.
Ultimately, I found myself liking Clinton more after the book not because he was so bookish--often he had less toleration for the talkathons than you'd imagine--but because he had the good sense to know when to blow off the academics and follow his political gut.
Add these to the already established talkathons starring Oprah Winfrey (King World), Phil Donahue (Multimedia), Sally Jessy Raphael (Multimedia), Joan Rivers (Tribune), Regis Philbin and Kathie Lee Gifford (Buena Vista), Geraldo Rivera (Tribune) and that's a lot of talk