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adj. talk·i·er, talk·i·est
1. Talkative; loquacious.
2. Containing or given to too much talk: a talky, boring play.

talk′i·ness n.
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the quality or condition of being talky; wordiness
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It Becomes You is replete with poems--"In Case Of," "Nocturne," "Beauty Supply," "Self-Reliance," "The Briars," and many others--that may assume an air of casual talkiness, but whose aims are more urgent and, yes, more honest.
He is American through and through, and Americans, despite their talkiness, are fundamentally silent creatures.
Despite a propensity for talkiness that sometimes played as self-indulgence, these were undeniably watchable, at times laceratingly funny movies that seemed to articulate precisely the angst, hope and confusion of their moment.
And most American of all, perhaps: the undeniable talkiness of American poets, and the way they talk to discover who they are.
Although this is the first film Smith's directed but not written, you wouldn't know it thanks to its sheer talkiness and nerdy in-jokes.
Mortensen is impressive, though at times the character feels unconvincing, while the film veers into talkiness when a bit of pace is needed.
There are times when the procedural pacing of the show flags with the weight of its talkiness, but the twists and turns are more than a compensatory panacea, as one wanders willingly and patiently through Christie's intricately constructed scenario toward its most surprising conclusion.
This leads us to the aesthetics that are distinct in Denis--the lack of talkiness and the way the camera approaches the male image, the male body--a much more lingering, attentive, affectionate regard of the male than is usually seen.