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talk·ing book

A recorded reading of a book, designed for use by the visually impaired.
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Talking Book

trademark a recording of a book, designed to be used by blind people
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talk′ing book′

a sound recording of readings of a book, magazine, or newspaper, often for use by the blind.
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Noun1.talking book - sound recording of someone reading a book; frequently used by blind people
audio recording, sound recording, audio - a recording of acoustic signals
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كِتاب مُسَجَّل
zvukový záznam knihy
beszélõ könyv
zvuková nahrávka knihy
sesli kitap

talking book

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(toːk) verb
1. to speak; to have a conversation or discussion. We talked about it for hours; My parrot can talk (= imitate human speech).
2. to gossip. You can't stay here – people will talk!
3. to talk about. They spent the whole time talking philosophy.
1. (sometimes in plural) a conversation or discussion. We had a long talk about it; The Prime Ministers met for talks on their countries' economic problems.
2. a lecture. The doctor gave us a talk on family health.
3. gossip. Her behaviour causes a lot of talk among the neighbours.
4. useless discussion; statements of things a person says he will do but which will never actually be done. There's too much talk and not enough action.
talkative (ˈtoːkətiv) adjective
talking a lot. a talkative person.
ˈtalking book noun
a book recorded on cassette or disc for blind people, for those with reading problems etc.
ˈtalking head noun
a TV personality.
ˈtalking-point noun
something to talk about; a subject, especially an interesting one. Football is the main talking-point in my family.
ˈtalk show noun
(American) a television or radio programme on which (usually famous) people talk to each other and are interviewed.
ˌtalking-ˈto noun
a talk given to someone in order to scold, criticize or blame them. I'll give that child a good talking-to when he gets home!
talk back (often with to)
to answer rudely. Don't talk back to me!
talk big
to talk as if one is very important; to boast. He's always talking big about his job.
talk down to
to speak to (someone) as if he/she is much less important, clever etc. Children dislike being talked down to.
talk (someone) into / out of (doing)
to persuade (someone) (not) to do (something). He talked me into changing my job.
talk over
to discuss. We talked over the whole idea.
talk round
1. to persuade. I managed to talk her round.
2. to talk about (something) for a long time without reaching the most important point. We talked round the question for hours.
talk sense/nonsense
to say sensible, or ridiculous, things. Don't talk nonsense; I do wish you would talk sense.
talk shop
to talk about one's work. We agreed not to talk shop at the party.
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I'm the director of the Nebraska Library Commission Talking Book and Braille Service, and we just saw the letter to the editor in the June/July 2017 issue about Mother Earth News not being available for blind readers of the Library of Congress program.
We hope that local businesses and Wirral residents will get involved and sponsor a Talking Book to help us change the story."
Medical students Rachael Raw and Brad Fernandes have pledged to sponsor an RNIB Talking Book, and are aiming to raise PS1,500 as part of the event.
But it costs the RNIB PS2500 to produce each talking book.
RNIB's National Library Service sends out millions of books in braille, giant print and in Talking Book audio format every year.
MACY GRAY TALKING BOOK AMERICAN singer Macy Gray has always been one to follow her own esoteric path, eschewing commercial success in pursuit of doing exactly what she wants to do, and it is no different with this tribute to one of her favourite albums, Stevie Wonder's timeless Talking Book.
The free digital audiobook files available through this partnership can only be played using free playback equipment loaned to eligible individuals through the National Library Service Talking Book program.
The "Talking Book," a low-cost audio computer developed by Literacy Bridge, enables local experts to reach remote, rural people with accessible information.
They love his Talking Book classic You And I, the first song at their wedding.
Talking Book Productions, a division of the American Foundation for the Blind, is producing Momentum Audio.
In 2000 each user of the talking book program read an average of thirty to forty books and magazines per year, and many users read hundreds of titles.
Patrick's $26.7 billion budget proposes cutting $100,000 from the Braille and talking book library program at the Perkins School for the Blind and $18,000 from the $390,000 talking book program at the Worcester library.