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Noun1.talking to - a lengthy rebuke; "a good lecture was my father's idea of discipline"; "the teacher gave him a talking to"
rebuke, reprehension, reprimand, reproof, reproval - an act or expression of criticism and censure; "he had to take the rebuke with a smile on his face"
preaching, sermon - a moralistic rebuke; "your preaching is wasted on him"
curtain lecture - a private lecture to a husband by his wife
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Martha was so busy that Mary had no opportunity of talking to her, but in the afternoon she asked her to come and sit with her in the nursery.
At tea-time, when the dog, Jip, came in, the parrot said to the Doctor, "See, HE'S talking to you."
"We were talking to him about you a few days ago," Kochubey continued, "and about your freed plowmen."
Now it was not without some boyish nervousness that I followed my newly made friend, for I confess that I have ever been a poor hand at talking to bar-maids.
Two or three nights after this, a little before dinner-time, while I was standing talking to her, she suddenly went very white, and in a fluttering voice gasped, "Look yonder!" I looked.
I've been talking to them, and I couldn't get away.
Hence, they are talking to the US officials, although the US will ultimately try to convince the Taliban to accept Afghan NUG representation in the talks.
I've been talking to leader Nur Misuari,' Duterte said.
'Instead of talking to these people in the Netherlands, it's better we'll do it (peace talks with the local NPA leaders) here in the Philippines for us to really know and resolve the concerns of those who have gone astray,' Andolong said.
Talking to media here Sunday, Ch Nisar said some people might be talking to Taliban at their own but no talks taking place on behalf of government.
This is punishment for them so that they will learn the protocol of talking to other nations."
"On the subject of talking to oneself, I bet that if they were honest, more than 90% of people would admit that they talk to themselves at one time or another.

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