tall oil

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tall oil

 (täl, tôl)
A resinous oily liquid composed of a mixture of rosin acids and fatty acids obtained as a byproduct in the treatment of pine pulp and used in soaps, emulsions, and lubricants.

[Partial translation of German Tallöl, from partial translation of Swedish tallolja : tall, pine (from Old Norse thöll, young pine tree) + olja, oil.]
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tall oil



(Chemistry) any of various oily liquid mixtures obtained by acidifying the liquor resulting from the treatment of wood pulp with sodium hydroxide: it contains chiefly rosin acids and fatty acids and is used in making soaps and lubricants
[C20: partial translation of German Tallöl, from Swedish tallolja, from tall pine + olja oil]
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tall′ oil`

a resinous secondary product from the manufacture of chemical wood pulp.
[1925–30; < Swedish tallolja, derivative of tall pine]
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Noun1.tall oil - an oil derived from wood pulp and used in making soaps or lubricants
oil - a slippery or viscous liquid or liquefiable substance not miscible with water
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Key ingredients such as gum rosin, tall oil, acrylate monomers and feedstocks are skyrocketing and supply remains volatile, to say the least.
Vegetable oils, fatty acids and rosin (from gum or tall oil) are renewable and used in the alkyd resins.
"Tall oil rosin and gum rosin prices increased dramatically while DCPD, petroleum distillates, TOFA esters and fine chemicals have increased in price as well.
Nearly 95 percent of toluene in gravure printers is now reused while approximately 85 percent of resins in gravure inks are derived from tall oil rosin, gum rosin or other renewables, according to ERA.
Runge noted that while crude oil is having a major impact on the petrochemical industry, tall oil rosin and gum rosin are of greater concern.
"Other raw materials to watch are CTO (crude tall oil) inventories, and prices currently appear to be stable," Mr.