tall order

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Noun1.tall order - a formidable task or requirement; "finishing in time was a tall order but we did it"
project, task, undertaking, labor - any piece of work that is undertaken or attempted; "he prepared for great undertakings"
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It was a tall order, that; but as the bridge was up there was no other way.
But with the higher-ranked Serbians standing in their way, staging an upset is a tall order for the Filipinos.
MARK JOHNSTON admits Dee Ex Bee faces "a tall order" when he seeks revenge on Gold Cup conqueror Stradivarius in the Goodwood Cup on Tuesday week.
Tall order: "I think it's going to be a lot harder than I thought.
Hannah's Tall Order is delicious fun for parents and children alike!
Piper Jaffray analyst Christopher Raymond noted that Amag Pharmaceuticals announced it has taken over development of digoxin immune Fab for the treatment of severe preeclampsia from Velo Bio and seeks to add an additional 174 patients by the end of 2019, which he believes "may be a tall order." As he waits to see how enrollment progresses for this trial, he continues to have concerns with Amag's current franchise as Makena, which makes up over 70% of revenue, recently began facing generic competition, Raymond tells investors.
Expanding export receipts by 5 percent this year may be a tall order for exporters, but they remain bullish that the target will be achieved if measures favorable to the business community are enacted in time for the holiday season.
Either way, it will be a tall order for the Malditas as the Koreans (No.
Quite a line up The entire cast of the show at Paisley's Todholm Nursery School which delighted families and friends who came to be entertained by talented children Tall order It's a pointy one It was a case of "in your Easter bonnet with all the frills upon it" at Todholm Nursery School, in Paisley, as they prepared for the annual spring holiday and all the fun that involves.
Baptiste, who was ruled out of the London Olympics by knee surgery, said: "My body has never fully recovered from my knee surgery and my coach and I feel that Glasgow Commonwealth Games qualification is a tall order - so the time has come for my focus to move elsewhere.
Torres mission a tall order FORJOSE WHEN Jose Mourinho first arrived at Chelsea he transformed decent performers like Frank Lampard into world-class players, by making them feel 10 feet tall.
tall order Z Andrew Flintoff, who models for N Brown