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Noun1.tall-grass - any of various grasses that are tall and that flourish with abundant moisture
grass - narrow-leaved green herbage: grown as lawns; used as pasture for grazing animals; cut and dried as hay
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Possible sources of variation in the working of seed predation includes: (1) grass litter or "mulch" acting as a shelter for seed predators and increasing predation (Reader, 1990; Reed et al., 2006), (2) seed predators preferring some seed species over others (Myster and Pickett, 1993; Myster, 1997; Myster, 2003), (3) predators responding to differences in seed density (Myster and Pickett, 1993), (4) season of the year affecting seed predation (Lindroth and Batzli, 1984) and (5) because much of the research has focused on tall-grass prairie (Collins and Adams, 1983; Knapp et al., 1998) with few examples in other grassland types (Reed et al., 2006), predation levels differing among prairie-types.
for the Motion Picture Arts, which sponsors the Tall-grass Film Festival.
(Sans Culottes in the Promised Land); Rinne Groff of New York City (The Ruby Sunrise); and Melanie Marnich, also of Minneapolis (Tall-grass Gothic).
Dominance types were grouped based on plant functional characteristics (annual, perennial, biennial; warm season, cool season; short-, mid- , or tall-grass) of the dominant species.
In seven states once covered with grasslands, less than 1 percent of tall-grass prairie remains.
Located five miles from downtown Oklahoma City, the base was born on a tall-grass prairie during World War II.
Partly as a result of these classic restoration efforts, it is now clear that tall-grass prairies depend upon fire, and that the many plants and animals which make it up are adapted to fire in many ways.
Just as unchecked algal growth can choke out native aquatic species, so overfertilized weeds began choking out native tall-grass prairie plants.
"The Custer will use an ecosystem approach for management and restoration of the tall-grass prairie ecosystem on the Sheyenne National Grassland," says Forest Range Conservationist Jeff DiBenedetto.
Katherine Ordway gave the money and directions for preservation of some less spectacular but most interesting lands -the tall-grass prairies.
The fires burn primarily in tall-grass savannas, in tropical rain forests and on farms around the world.