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1. Hard fat obtained from parts of the bodies of cattle or sheep, used in foodstuffs or to make leather dressing, soap, and lubricants, and formerly used to make candles.
2. Any of various similar fats, such as those obtained from plants.
tr.v. tal·lowed, tal·low·ing, tal·lows
1. To smear or cover with tallow.
2. To fatten (animals) in order to obtain tallow.

[Middle English talghe, talowe, either borrowed from Middle Low German talch or descended directly from Old English *tealg-, both ultimately from Proto-Germanic *talga-; probably akin to Gothic tulgus, firm, solid, and Old English tulge, firmly, very.]

tal′low·y adj.
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[ˈtæləʊɪ] ADJseboso
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He was a pale, tallowy creature, wanting two fingers of the left hand, and though he wore a cutlass, he did not look much like a fighter.
Reuter had already glided away, she was nowhere visible; a maitresse or teacher, the one who occupied the corresponding estrade to my own, alone remained to keep guard over me; she was a little in the shade, and, with my short sight, I could only see that she was of a thin bony figure and rather tallowy complexion, and that her attitude, as she sat, partook equally of listlessness and affectation.
He had a hairless, square, tallowy chin which trembled slightly as he spoke, and his nose nipped bright red by the sharp air looked like a false nose of painted cardboard between the sallow cheeks.