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Used in fox-hunting to urge the hounds on when a fox is sighted.
v. tal·ly·hoed, tal·ly·ho·ing, tal·ly·hos
To urge (hounds) on with such a hunting cry.
To shout "tallyho" as a hunting cry.
n. pl. tal·ly·hos
1. The cry of "tallyho."
2. A fast coach drawn by four horses.

[Probably alteration of French taïaut, from Old French thialau, taho.]
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(ˌtæl iˈhoʊ)

n., pl. -hos.
1. used as a cry in fox hunting on sighting the fox.
2. a cry of “tallyho.”
[1750–60; compare French tayau hunter's cry]
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[ˈtælɪˈhəʊ] EXCL¡hala! (grito del cazador de zorras)
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However, he went with the man, who picked up several other newly landed immigrants, Poles, Lithuanians, and Slovaks, and took them all outside, where stood a great four-horse tallyho coach, with fifteen or twenty men already in it.
There are numerous laboratory evidences demonstrating the positive impact of bezafibrate treatment on lipid and glucose metabolism in rodents, including diet-induced metabolic dysfunctions [28, 29] and monogenic/polygenic phenotypes of obesity/diabetes, such as db/db mice [30], TallyHo mice [27], OLEFT rats [13, 14], and models of diabetes induced by streptozotocin [26].
The traditional cry of"Tallyho!" went up from the hunters and the chase was on.
In the mid-19th century it was run by a well-known "local character" John Botterill, a former guard on the mail coach Eclipse Tallyho.
We said tallyho to a sneaky scam to reintroduce fox hunting by the back kennel.
He also said one could communicate with Indians with just 3 words -'chalo' (come) 'jao' (go) and 'tallyho' (for every other thing else -it was an English fox hunting cry!).
Whitening/Brightening Ingredients--Beijing Brilliance Biochemical Co., Ltd., Raspberrvketone Glucoside; DSM Nutritional Products, Regu-Fade; and Wuhan Tallyho Biological Production Co., Skin Longevity Factor Peptide.
They'd rather tallyho, drink a stirrup cup and break every bone in their body falling off horses than give the French the time of day.
Only the most daring nu students went to places like the Tallyho, where earlier that year a man had been stabbed.
The Los Angeles Star itself once reported: Lucky Levine's usual harem of dark-haired damsels spilling out of a red tallyho in a frothy pool of silk and lace.
Digging into the layers to recover memories of the Welshman's dry remarks on the coach race with the Birmingham "Tallyho," De Quincey finds that dreams are inseparable from memory traces: "But alike the gayest and most terrific of my experiences rose again after years of slumber, armed with preternatural power to shake my dreaming sensibilities; sometimes ...