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or tal·ly·wack·er  (tăl′ē-wăk′ər, -hwăk′-)
n. Vulgar Slang
The penis.

[Alteration (probably influenced by whack) of earlier tallywag, perhaps from tally, counterpart, something that fits another thing + wag.]
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To make all this "girly" image obsession palatable to their audience, lads' mags employ all their creative energies to transform appearance issues into "a guy thing" Men's Health tries to cultivate a joking, macho tone throughout ("Eat Like Brando and Look Like Rambo" or "Is my tallywhacker shrinking?") and tosses in a handful of Y-chromosome teasers such as "How to Stay Out of Jail," "How to Clean Your Whole Apartment in One Hour or Less," and my personal favorite, "Let's Play Squash," an illustrated guide to identifying the bug-splat patterns on your windshield.
We were up to our tallywhackers in illusions, slogans, shibboleths, belief in magic--mostly out of ads.