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Adj.1.taloned - (of predatory animals) armed with claws or talons
armed - (used of plants and animals) furnished with bristles and thorns
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He spoke of me all the time, in the blandest way, as "this prodigious giant," and "this horrible sky-towering monster," and "this tusked and taloned man-devour- ing ogre", and everybody took in all this bosh in the naivest way, and never smiled or seemed to notice that there was any discrepancy between these watered statis- tics and me.
Swinging myself outward, I began the descent, and had come to within a few feet of the ground, being just opposite a narrow window, when I was startled by a savage growl almost in my ear, and then a great taloned paw darted from the aperture to seize me, and I saw the snarling face of a lion within the embrasure.
With the swiftness of a cat he reached across the carcass of the horse and placed a heavy, taloned paw upon her breast, crushing her back to earth, and all the time he growled and snarled horribly.
The lion was already reaching forth a taloned paw to seize him when the bird swooped and buried no less formidable talons in Tarzan's back.
They stayed on as long as any summer food was left to them, and they tried to gather nuts in the Jungle, but shadows with glaring eyes watched them, and rolled before them even at mid-day; and when they ran back afraid to their walls, on the tree-trunks they had passed not five minutes before the bark would be stripped and chiselled with the stroke of some great taloned paw.
On this occasion, there were no roosting birds to disturb and so she went empty taloned. However, over the years I've seen plenty of evidence of the success of these fast flying raptors, by the discovery of grisly patches of feathered remains - often I'm afraid, the victims having been collared doves.
French rips open the chasm between Toby's before and after, viscerally describing his fear as "dark, misshapen, taloned, hanging somewhere above and behind me waiting for its next moment to drop onto my back and dig in deep." Add to Toby's troubles his worried girlfriend and sensitive, conniving cousins, and it becomes apparent that The Witch Elm is about more than the crime behind the skull; it is about what happens when a great upheaval cracks open life's shell and reveals one's true potential.
The sky peels flakes of ash and I hear Obie's voice, taloned. "At least let me--"
Its visage was grotesque, its mouth covered with muck (like its taloned hands), but its razorsharp, blood-smeared fangs were quite visible.