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adj. tam·er, tam·est
1. Brought from wildness into a domesticated or tractable state.
2. Naturally unafraid; not timid: "The sea otter is gentle and relatively tame" (Peter Matthiessen).
3. Submissive; docile; fawning: tame obedience.
4. Insipid; flat: a tame birthday party.
5. Sluggish; languid; inactive: a tame river.
tr.v. tamed, tam·ing, tames
1. To make tame; domesticate: tame a wild horse.
2. To subdue or curb: tamed his explosive anger.
3. To change from an uncontrolled or disorderly to a controlled state: needed some gel to tame his hair.

[Middle English, from Old English tam; see demə- in Indo-European roots.]

tam′a·ble, tame′a·ble adj.
tame′ly adv.
tame′ness n.
tam′er n.
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Adj.1.tamable - capable of being tamed
manipulable, tractable - easily managed (controlled or taught or molded); "tractable young minds"; "the natives...being...of an intelligent tractable disposition"- Samuel Butler
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[ˈteɪməbl] ADJdomable, domesticable
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