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also tam·a·rau  (tăm′ə-rou′)
n. pl. tam·a·raws also tam·a·raus
A small, stocky, short-horned buffalo (Bubalus mindorensis) of the island of Mindoro in the Philippines.

[Tagalog tamaráw.]


(ˈtæməˌraʊ) or


(Animals) a small rare member of the cattle tribe, Anoa mindorensis, of lowland areas of Mindoro in the Philippines. Compare anoa
[from Tagalog tamaráw]


or ta•ma•rao

(ˌtɑ məˈraʊ, ˌtæm ə-)

n., pl. -raus or -raos.
a rare dwarf water buffalo of Mindoro.
[1895–1900; < Tagalog]
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Noun1.tamarau - small buffalo of Mindoro in the Philippines
Old World buffalo, buffalo - any of several Old World animals resembling oxen including, e.g., water buffalo; Cape buffalo
Bubalus, genus Bubalus, tribe Bubalus - in some classification systems included in genus Bos; water buffaloes
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But we share the same sentiments as the countries in Africa and Asia because like them, we also have our own wildlife that are as important, as iconic, and as endangered, like the Philippine eagle and tamarau," Theresa Mundita Lim of the Philippine Department of Environment and Natural Resources said.
Prominent examples include the Philippine eagle, the world's second largest raptor (a bird of prey), the Philippine tarsier (a tiny monkey-like animal), the tamarau (a wild cattle), the white-winged flying fox (a large fruit bat), bleeding-heart pigeons and a variety of hombins.