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 (tăm′ə-rĭl′ō, -rē′yō)
n. pl. ta·ma·ril·los
1. A subtropical tree (Cyphomandra betacea) in the nightshade family, native to the central Andes and cultivated especially in New Zealand for its edible fruit.
2. The tart, dark red or yellow, plumlike fruit of this tree. In both senses also called tree tomato.

[Alteration of tomatillo.]
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n, pl -los
(Plants) another name for tree tomato
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Noun1.tamarillo - South American arborescent shrub having pale pink blossoms followed by egg-shaped reddish-brown edible fruit somewhat resembling a tomato in flavortamarillo - South American arborescent shrub having pale pink blossoms followed by egg-shaped reddish-brown edible fruit somewhat resembling a tomato in flavor
bush, shrub - a low woody perennial plant usually having several major stems
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Release date- 03092019 - TAmarillo Gold Corporation ('Amarillo' or the 'Company') (TSX.V: AGC) (OTCQB: AGCBF) is pleased to provide an update on corporate activity and the development of its flagship Mara Rosa Gold Project.
Composition of babaco, feijoa, passion-fruit and tamarillo produced in Galicia (NW Spain).
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While at Newton Abbot Jack's best friend Connor Brace won the handicap hurdle on Tamarillo Grove at 12 the oldest horse in the race.
And another 33/1 shot came home at Newton Abbot where young Connor Brace guided Tamarillo Grove home to win the Rewarding Ownership With ROA Handicap Hurdle for the horse's seventh course win.
From March 6 to 19, the retailer showcased global flavors from Mexico, the Caribbean, South America and Central America--including papaya, sapote, tamarillo, star fruit, rambutan and aloe vera--throughout the store's departments to inspire creative applications.
TAMARILLO PRESERVEI am Dennis Mutembei, a Bachelor of Food Technology and Quality Assurance student at Technical University of Mombasa.
Protective effects of tamarillo (Cyphomandra betacea) extract against high-fat diet-induced obesity in Sprague-Dawley rats.
Addition prerequisites for project eligibility included: 1) Rwandan implementation; 2) a focus on primary production or post-harvest/marketing activities; and 3) the growing of pineapple, onions, hot peppers, tamarillo, passion fruits, tomato, apple banana, carrots, eggplants, French beans, cabbage, flowers, essential oils crops, avocado, avocado, mango, or citrus.
(2017) reported 48% reduction in Weight loss of golden-yellow and purple-red tamarillo (Solanum betaceum Cav.) fruit subjected to gamma irradiation and the application of an edible coating.
(i) Each time a white onion transaction is made, a tomato transaction is performed with a confidence of 87%, tamarillo (86%), carrot (83%), and broccoli (82%) (Figure 3), and each one of these elements generates a rule of association with the tomato, which constitutes the set of multivariable.