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or tam·bu·ra  (tŭm-bo͝or′ə) also tan·bur (tän-bo͝or′)
Any of various long-necked stringed instruments, plucked or bowed, used in South and Southwest Asia, Southeast Europe, and North and East Africa.

[Ultimately (partially via Hindi Urdu tambūra, Modern Greek tambouras, and Turkish tambur) from Arabic ṭunbūr and Persian tanbūr, a kind of long-necked stringed instrument, both from Middle Persian, a kind of long-necked stringed instrument, perhaps (with metathesis of consonants) from Greek pandoura, three-string lute; see mandolin.]


(Instruments) an instrument with a long neck, four strings, and no frets, used in Indian music to provide a drone
[from Persian tanbūr, from Arabic tunbūr]
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Entertainment includes music and kolo dancing from Prazna Flasa Tamboura and Sumadija.
Ravi (violin), his son Shankar Santhanagopalan (mridangam), his wife, Meera Santhanagopalan (tamboura), and Anish Adoor (ganjira).
Le freinage est assure par un frein a patins a l'avant et un petit frein a tamboura l'arriere.
Safdar Hazara, a noted singer and tamboura player, presented folk songs depicting the pain and gloom of the community.
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They will perform the Tamboura, Abou Zalaf, Al Manyour, Al Hattabat, Al Mzmar, Al Bar'aa and Al Maghayed, which will include singing, dancing and playing instruments.
Los Angeles, CA, August 27, 2017 --(PR.com)-- Tamboura Baptiste, violinist-actor, signed with A.M.W.
They showed typical traditional handicrafts including Chinese woodblock printing, Russian clay sculpture, Kazakhstan tamboura, Turkish encaustic together with Iran wood carving and jewelry design.
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