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Variant of tamboura.


or tam•bou•ra

(tæmˈbʊər ə)

n., pl. -ras.
an Asian musical instrument of the lute family having a small, round body and a long neck.
[1580–90; < Hindi < Arabic ṭanbūr (see tambour)]
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Entertainment includes music and kolo dancing from Prazna Flasa Tambura and Sumadija.
South Sudanese patients receiving treatment at a Doctors Without Borders clinic in Tambura, South Sudan.
Apart from that Balochi musical instrument such as Nal, Tambura and Soroz are very inspirational and popular that can potentially facilitate cross-cultural understanding and promote the message of peace.
I am one of the last batch of tambura and sitar makers who make perfect music instruments.'
Ballyheigue Bay, runner-up to Tambura in this race 12 months ago, and I See You Well, who is officially rated 9lb lower over hurdles than fences, are both highly respected, but a resurgent Little Boy Boru can keep them at bay.
Known for his Malwi style of singing that is authentic to the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, Tipanya will be accompanied by artists playing both traditional and Western instruments including the dholak (folk drum), the harmonium, and the violin; Tipanya himself plays the tambura (stringed instrument) and the khartal (percussion instrument).
Beatle George Harrison helped write the lyrics and gave Donovan the tambura in India.
The historic "Karar" lake has been filled with fresh water while famous Tambura Chowk was being decorated with colourful bunties.
The Deputy Commissioner later visited the Mazar and other parts of Bhit Shah town particularly Tambura Chowk, Karrar Lake, Malakhra Ground and Cultural Complex where he issued necessary directives for improvement in the areas.
Karnatic music is a centuries-old southern Indian musical genre that is performed by a vocalist, violinist, a tambura (drone) player and percussionists in a combination of both composed and improvised lyrics and melodies.
Bulgara -- Kiril Dobrev on drums, Kostadin Genchev on the kaval, Dimitar Hristov on the tambura, Petyo Kostadinov on the gayda, Hristina Beleva on the gadulka, Eva Perchemlieva on percussions and vocals, Stoyan Pavlov also on the percussions and daul, Chavdar Asenov on bass, and Dimitar Todorov Hristov on the guitar -- will bring to the stage Bulgarian traditional sounds.