tamp down

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Verb1.tamp down - press down tightly; "tamp the coffee grinds in the container to make espresso"
compress, pack together, compact - make more compact by or as if by pressing; "compress the data"
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"Evidence reveals that virtual reality therapy can tamp down pain signals through a variety of mechanisms," Spiegel said in a statement.
Speaking before the handshake Mr Trump said he looked forward to meeting with Mr Kim, but sought to tamp down expectations, predicting it would be "very short".
Volunteers will simply plant the tree, tamp down dirt, add water and mulch.
Because it is not known if Beth is married or single, they do their best to tamp down the loving tension between them.
The analyst, who called the news "an Acthar nothingburger," sees robust data in six indications as key drivers to tamp down over-reactions to non-important data reads.
The central bank has hiked interest rates by 100 bps since May, to tamp down price pressures from higher taxes, a peso down almost 9 percent since January, and rising food and fuel costs.
Summary: U.N.- and Egyptian-mediated talks on a deal to tamp down tensions between Israel and the Gaza Strip are in "advanced stages," a senior member of Hamas said Wednesday.
They said filing criminal charges against migrants, including parents traveling with children, would be the "most effective" way to tamp down on illegal border crossings.
For a country that has spent nearly two decades trying to tamp down on the sale of human organs, overwhelmingly by men and women that perceive themselves as having no other 'property' to call their own, this is nothing less than shocking.
By: MENA SEOUL - 16 August 2017: The United States continues to be interested in dialogue with North Korea, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said Tuesday, as the two sides appeared to tamp down escalating tensions over the regime's nuclear and missile programs, Yonhap News Agency reported.
Before the test, the Pentagon tried to tamp down expectations, noting that the United States had multiple ways to try to shoot down a missile from North Korea.