tamp down

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Verb1.tamp down - press down tightly; "tamp the coffee grinds in the container to make espresso"
compress, pack together, compact - make more compact by or as if by pressing; "compress the data"
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For a country that has spent nearly two decades trying to tamp down on the sale of human organs, overwhelmingly by men and women that perceive themselves as having no other 'property' to call their own, this is nothing less than shocking.
By: MENA SEOUL - 16 August 2017: The United States continues to be interested in dialogue with North Korea, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said Tuesday, as the two sides appeared to tamp down escalating tensions over the regime's nuclear and missile programs, Yonhap News Agency reported.
Before the test, the Pentagon tried to tamp down expectations, noting that the United States had multiple ways to try to shoot down a missile from North Korea.
The State Troopers will use the K9s to help detect opioids and other drugs in a variety of places across the state in continued efforts to tamp down on drug use and trafficking.
Last month, officials disqualified six pro-independence candidates in an attempt to tamp down the debate, though other candidates with similar views made the cut.
Bacteria may hold the key to figuring out how to tamp down our greenhouse gas problem.
US President Barack Obama urged people to tamp down inflammatory words and actions.
France's three days of mourning has just begun, but the horror over the attack hasn't done anything to tamp down France's turbulent politics.
Trump attempted to tamp down negative reaction over the comments on Tuesday.
11 attacks in an effort to tamp down anti-Muslim hysteria that had erupted.
Biden is also working to tamp down a spat between Turkey and Iraq over Turkish troops staged at a training camp in northern Iraq.
leader condemned the recent outbreak of violence in Israel and urged Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to tamp down their rhetoric.