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tam·per 1

v. tam·pered, tam·per·ing, tam·pers
a. To interfere in a harmful or disruptive manner; meddle: was worried the editor would tamper with her text.
b. To make alterations or adjustments, especially secretly so as to subvert an intended purpose or function: tamper with a lock; discovered that the brakes had been tampered with.
c. To engage in improper or secret actions, as in an effort to influence an outcome: tamper with evidence; tamper with a jury.
2. To tinker rashly or foolishly: "The ability of chemists to create new drugs from natural compounds raises an old argument about whether human beings should tamper with nature" (Andrew Weil).
To alter improperly.

[Probably alteration of temper.]

tam′per·er n.

tamp·er 2

A neutron reflector in an atomic bomb that also delays the expansion of the exploding material, making possible a longer-lasting, more energetic, and more efficient explosion.
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1. the act or an instance of interfering or meddling with something, esp so it no longer works or it works differently
2. the act or an instance of using corrupt practices such as bribery or blackmail in an attempt to influence someone
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Noun1.tampering - the act of altering something secretly or improperlytampering - the act of altering something secretly or improperly
change of state - the act of changing something into something different in essential characteristics
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WHILE a Division Superintendent of a railway was attending closely to his business of placing obstructions on the track and tampering with the switches he received word that the President of the road was about to discharge him for incompetency.
When I sought them out (as I did; there was no tampering with me), I told them I wanted help to find you out, to trace you down, to go through with what I had begun, to help the right; and that when I had done it, I'd burst into your room and tell you all, face to face, man to man, and like a man.
It guards the vitals of the instrument from crafty tampering. Without it an enemy must half wreck the device to reach its heart, leaving his handiwork apparent to the most casual observer."
Then she attacked the other maid; she was not so hard-hearted in appearance as the other, and sometimes seemed inclined to be merciful; but the first wench kept her up, and changed her mind, and would not so much as let my governess talk with her, but threatened to have her up for tampering with the evidence.
A secret enemy had been continually by his side, under the semblance of a friend and helper, and had availed himself of the opportunities thus afforded for tampering with the delicate springs of Mr.
Richardson, in tampering with that box upon my shelf?"
"Nevertheless, I forbid you, I distinctly forbid your tampering with my ship."
But to protect against tampering during distribution, processors need to incorporate security, features at the case and/or pallet level.
federal government security requirements for protecting highly sensitive information from intrusion and tampering. The new Secure Telephone offers a wide range of security features that prevent outside intrusion into government networks and safeguard against equipment tampering.
After several years of research, Keffeler developed a system to help him address the nettlesome issues of tampering, med errors, and waste associated with traditional packaging of systems.
It is rare for a hacker to succeed in tampering with the contents of the Web site of a telecom carrier with expertise in Web technology.
Any tampering with the product is immediately apparent to anyone handling the jar, yet the label is transparent and compact and does not detract from the appearance or branding of Ovaltine.