Designed to prevent tampering or provide evidence of tampering: tamperproof aspirin containers.
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The next important takeaway is blockchain transactions are essentially tamperproof. Once a transaction is added to the chain, it's immutable.
Our cover article examines io.Equipment, a new system based on blockchain technology that places a verifiable and tamperproof "fingerprint" that can be recorded in a digital log book for all equipment operations.
'We are deeply disturbed as to these kinds of reports and are in serious discussion whether there are still authentic documents left to be examined after they were observed to have been placed in ordinary plastic containers that are readily available in supermarkets instead of the much hyped tamperproof VCM's or official ballot boxes of Smartmatic as required by law,' Rodriguez said in a statement.
The whole point of using a blockchain is to let people-in particular, people who don't trust one another--share valuable data in a secure, tamperproof way.
MANUFACTURERS of a new type of sample bottle are "99 per cent certain" the product is tamperproof and insisted findings to the contrary had been caused by people closing the bottles too tightly.
But then Apple put tamperproof screws on the underside of the Mac mini to make it much more difficult to upgrade.
The company also said prescriptions and a curated selection of over-the-counter products will be delivered directly from CVS Pharmacy in tamperproof packaging right to customers' homes.
Its tamperproof design seals and safeguards contents while providing 360AaAaAeAe[degree sign] product visibility.
Its tamperproof design seals and safeguards contents while providing 360[degree sign] product visibility.
When The Scholar said that the bombs are tamperproof and impossible to take out, Grace instructed The Scholar to mess with Slick's master control box instead so she and Arthur can accomplish their personal mission even for just four hours.
He claimed that Russia's secret service, the FSB, had worked out how to open and reseal the supposedly tamperproof bottles in which urine samples are stored and transported - Mclaren said this was the "fundamental building block" of the "sample swapping methodology" that allowed Russia to win a record 33 medals in Sochi.