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tr.v. tamped, tamp·ing, tamps
1. To pack down tightly by a succession of blows or taps.
2. To pack clay, sand, or dirt into (a drill hole) above an explosive.

[Perhaps back-formation from tampin, variant of tampion.]


(ˈtæmpɪŋ) or

tamping mad

(postpositive) dialect South Wales very angry
[see tamp1]
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Local traders who lost thousands will be tamping mad.
Of course, some people are tamping mad at the thought of a billionaire with a huge stake in every high street, a reputation for a lavish lifestyle - and a tax regime that has caught the attention of critics - telling public servants how to spend public money.
The younger (in joint first place) will be tamping mad but that'll be his problem as he'll be at home looking after her.