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 (tăm′pē-ən) also tom·pi·on (tŏm′-)
A plug or cover for the muzzle of a cannon or gun to keep out dust and moisture.

[Middle English, from Old French tampon, variant of tapon, rag for stopping a hole, of Germanic origin.]


(ˈtæmpɪən) or


(Firearms, Gunnery, Ordnance & Artillery) a plug placed in a gun's muzzle when the gun is not in use to keep out moisture and dust
[C15: from French: tampon]


(ˈtæm pi ən)

a plug placed in the muzzle of a piece of ordnance to keep it free of moisture and dirt when not in use.
[1615–25; earlier, any type of plug or bung; late Middle English, variant of tampon < Middle French, alter. of Old French tapon, derivative of tape plug < Germanic. See tap2]
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Noun1.tampion - plug for the muzzle of a gun to keep out dust and moisturetampion - plug for the muzzle of a gun to keep out dust and moisture
plug, stopple, stopper - blockage consisting of an object designed to fill a hole tightly
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Australians Adam Crawford, Geoff Drakeford, Richard Green and Andrew Tampion carded 69s, as did Japan's Achi Sato and Zimbabwe's Brendon de Jonge.
141) In Tampion v Anderson, the Supreme Court of Victoria explained that "a plaintiff plainly must not only show damage from the abuse; he must also show that he was the member of the public, or one of the members of the public, to whom the holder of the office owed a duty not to commit the particular abuse complained of".
Some pertinent references on poisonous plants have been published in the USA and Europe (Connor, 1997; Cooper and Johnson, 1984; Frohne and Pfander, 1984; Tampion, 1977; Kingsbury, 1964).
I have a framed photograph of the ship, a presentation book on its history to 1960, and a decorative brass gun tampion (a wooden plug, or a metal, canvas, rubber or plastic cover, for the muzzle).
30am tomorrow Time difference Germany is one hour ahead of the UK and Ireland Last week - US Open 1 R McIlroy (22-1), 2 J Day (50-1), T3 K Chappell (500-1), R Garrigus (300-1), L Westwood (12-1), Y E Yang (125-1); Saint Omer Open 1 M Zions (200-1), T2 P Gustafsson (125-1), C Lee (200-1), D Denison (125-1), T5 M Ruiz (100-1), A Tampion (175-1), L Slattery (75-1), L Gagli (40-1), A S Hansen (250-1), J Campillo (125-1) Course overview Eichenried has staged this event from 1989 to 1993 and from 1997 onwards.
LEADERBOARD: 8 under - Matthew Zions (Aus), 1 under - Daniel Denison, Peter Gustafsson (Swe), Craig Lee, level - Jorge Campillo (Spa), Lorenzo Gagli (Ita), Anders Schmidt Hansen (Den), Andrea Perrino (Ita), Marco Ruiz (Par), Lee Slattery, Andrew Tampion (Aus).
In Australia, however, there is a troubling trickle of cases flowing from a Full Court decision of the Victorian Supreme Court in Tampion v Anderson ('Tampion'), (228) which said quite plainly that the misfeasance tortfeasor must have owed the plaintiff 'a duty not to commit the particular abuse complained of.
136 - A Tampion (Aus) 66 70, E Tage Johansen (Nor) 65 71, R Green (Aus) 67 69, A Canizares (Spa) 69 67, B Dredge 67 69.
Another Englishman, Richard Bland, is two back for a share of fifth with Andrew Tampion but Chris Wood - the highest ranked player in the field at 81st - was part of an 11-man tie for 23rd having signed for 69.
Another English representative, Richard Bland, was two back for a share of fifth with Andrew Tampion but Chris Wood - the highest ranked player in the field at 81st - was part of an 11-man group who went round in 69.
Leading final round scores & totals in the European Challenge Tour Apulia San Domenico Grand Final, San Domenico Golf, Puglia, Italy (Par 71): 279 P Whiteford (Sco) 70 73 69 67 (P Whiteford won at the 3rd birdie at the 18th play-off hole), A Tampion (Aus) 70 66 75 68; 280 R Davies (Wal) 71 69 69 71; 282 F Andersson Hed (Swe) 72 73 68 69, A McArthur (Sco) 70 70 70 72; 283 A Kaleka (Fra) 70 69 73 71; 285 E Molinari (Ita) 74 71 69 71; 286 A Wagner (Arg) 74 72 69 71, G Boyd (Eng) 72 73 69 72, S Jeppesen (Swe) 72 71 71 72.
The Kirkcaldy ace holed an eight-foot birdie putt on the first play-off hole to pip Aussie Andrew Tampion to the pounds 46,600 top prize after they had tied on five-under 279.