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Variant of tamboura.
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The band consists of Ahmed Omran on oud, Am Shahin on arghul and kawala, Wael El Sayed on accordion, Walid Abdou on percussions and tanbur, Abdullah Magdy on guitar, and Khaled Mosbah on bass, alongside vocalist Abd Elrahman Balala.
Pournazeri (on tanbur and kamancheh) and Paranj (on percussion instruments) were accompanied by an American string quartet in their performance.
Lingua Franca, who are Michalis Cholevas (Yayli Tanbur, Tarhu, Ney), Giannis Koutis (Oud, Guitar), Michalis Kouloumis (Violin) and percussionist Ruven Ruppik (Riq, Darbuka, Frame Drums, Marimba) -- all graduates of the Codarts University of the Arts in Rotterdam -- will lead this musical wandering.
Besides demonstrating their mastery of the orchestral and keyboard instruments of the Western classical tradition, Anim students will draw on their homeland's own rich musical heritage, playing on traditional stringed instruments -- the rubab, sitar, sarod, dilruba, tanbur, and ghichak -- and the tabla drum.
Pour commencer il a retabli la logique modale ancienne des maqom en assignant leur position respective sur les frettes (parda) du luth tanbur.
Later, around the Moors brought a more advanced version of the tanbur, an oud, to Spain.
This dance unravels into the hypnotic healing rituals of the Moroccan Gnawas, descended from black African slaves, they shake their tas-selled hats, swaying and swirling dervishly to the low ebb of trance music performed with a gambri and tanbur, and Arabic chanting, evoking ancestral spirits.
The words will be accompanied by both the Allegri String Quartet and Ross Daly, a virtuoso of traditional Middle Eastern instruments such as the Cretan lyra, Afghan rabab, laouto, kemence, sarangi, oud, saz and tanbur.
On the derivation tambur (more accurately, tunbur) 'either, pandora' [less than] MP tanbur it may be noted that the ultimate etymon is Greek pandoura (by metathesis), a word that has furnished the name of a variety of stringed instruments from Italy to India (bandura, mandola, tamburitza, domra, tanpura).