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n. pl. tan·doors or tan·door·i (-do͝or′ē)
A cylindrical oven made of clay, heated over charcoal or wood, and used in South Asia and Central Asia for baking bread and roasting meat.

[Hindi and Urdu tandūr, from Persian tanūr, tundūr, oven, from Middle Persian tanūr, from Old Iranian tanūra-; akin to Aramaic tannūrā, Akkadian tinūru, and Sumerian duruna, all probably from a substrate source in southwest Asia .]
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a type of clay oven used in India, Pakistan, and parts of the Middle East
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n., pl. -doors, -door•i (-ˈdʊər i)
a clay oven used esp. in the cooking of N India and Pakistan for roasting and baking at high heat.
[1655–65; < Hindi, Urdu tandūr < Persian tanūr]
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Noun1.tandoor - a clay oven used in northern India and Pakistan
oven - kitchen appliance used for baking or roasting
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Meanwhile, health experts, religious scholars have lauded the ICTA decision, while tandoor owners and people associated with that business were not looking satisfied on that step.
Based on annual sales, gas bills and the tandoor shops' independent status or affiliation with restaurants, they will be classified accordingly as commercial or non-commercial tandoors after which the subsidy will be offered to them following a special formula.
Tandoor owners in Lahore have demanded that a flat rate of Rs20 be fixed for naan and Rs15 for roti.
The food is marinated with Dawett's special blends of spices and herbs and prepared in a Tandoor, a special clay oven where the food is cooked over fires of charcoal.
Cooked in the heat of the clay tandoor, Gujral's unique Tandoori Chicken with crispy skin and a recognizably bright red exterior was an instant success.
Cinnamon Bey Beruwala, part of the Cinnamon Hotels and Resorts chain, recently launched the latest addition to its restaurant portfolio - Tandoor, which will now offer guests a delectable array of traditional Indian staple dishes and delicacies.
Summary: New Delhi [India], Jan 24 (ANI): Two men died allegedly due to suffocation caused by smoke emerging from a clay oven (Tandoor) on Thursday.
The importance of taking preventive measures against tandoor burns in adults and children need to be seriously evaluated in Eastern Anatolia.
Guests will have the opportunity to choose from delicious starters, a wide variety of vegetarian option for vegan lovers, meat and poultry dishes from North to South Indian region, special traditional Indian Tandoor oven dishes and appetizing sweets.
The Tap and Tandoor has replaced the former Saddlers Arms, which closed a year ago.
Murgh Malai Parche, chicken flavoured with cardamom, cheese and cream and topped with bell pepper and finished in a tandoor was very succulent and was oozing with cream.
Signature dishes include the tandoori ran, a marinated leg of lamb slow cooked for eight hours and finished in the charcoal tandoor and dum biryani, basmati rice with saffron and spices slow cooked in a sealed clay pot served to the table.