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n. pl. tan·doors or tan·door·i (-do͝or′ē)
A cylindrical oven made of clay, heated over charcoal or wood, and used in South Asia and Central Asia for baking bread and roasting meat.

[Hindi and Urdu tandūr, from Persian tanūr, tundūr, oven, from Middle Persian tanūr, from Old Iranian tanūra-; akin to Aramaic tannūrā, Akkadian tinūru, and Sumerian duruna, all probably from a substrate source in southwest Asia .]


a type of clay oven used in India, Pakistan, and parts of the Middle East



n., pl. -doors, -door•i (-ˈdʊər i)
a clay oven used esp. in the cooking of N India and Pakistan for roasting and baking at high heat.
[1655–65; < Hindi, Urdu tandūr < Persian tanūr]
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Noun1.tandoor - a clay oven used in northern India and Pakistan
oven - kitchen appliance used for baking or roasting
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But it is surprising that a simple person who takes pride in having his meals at tandoor accepts such a heavy salary, paid to him only because he was close to the disqualified prime minister Nawaz Sharif.
Murgh Malai Parche, chicken flavoured with cardamom, cheese and cream and topped with bell pepper and finished in a tandoor was very succulent and was oozing with cream.
The proprietor of a tandoor shop, Muhammad Nadeem, pointed out that commercial consumers, like restaurants, food shops and hotels, also faced tremendous great hardships due to low or no gas pressure.
Signature dishes include the tandoori ran, a marinated leg of lamb slow cooked for eight hours and finished in the charcoal tandoor and dum biryani, basmati rice with saffron and spices slow cooked in a sealed clay pot served to the table.
Following increasing demand, they are refurbishing the premises and developing new produce for their customers with the recent installation of the tandoor ovens.
A Tandoor is a cylindrical clay oven used for roasting and baking.
The tandoor seals the flavors and makes all meats more succulent.
Most nanbais, most of them from Murree and Azad Jammu and Kashmir, had lef for their villages to celebrate Eid with their families, leaving the tandoor owners and the citizens at the lurch.
The raiding party conducted raid at Al-Usmania Hotel situated in Allah Abad Town, Main RCD Highway, where the owners were illegally getting gas directly from SSGC's main distribution pipeline at 6 pound per square inch (PSI) pressure, which was being used to operate one Tandoor, 18 burners having 52 nozzles and one 5 KVA generator.
The average consumption of coal in tandoor based on survey was 30 kg/day.
Fire Sale, the Seller must sell NOW due to his fathers health /Well established Hala / Chinese, Tandoor & Grill Restaurant a Hidden Gem surrounded by several homes & businesses has made this a staple in the community for many years// Two Worlds come together and lead by highly experience Chief // Dinning room as been completely remodeled// new equipment and hood extension has been added// Turn key Restaurant, Bring all officers the Seller will consider holding a Note
Sharma and his friend were also found guilty of chopping up the body and trying to burn it in a tandoor - or an open oven - in a popular restaurant in Central Delhi.