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Cooked in a tandoor.

[Hindi and Urdu tandūrī, from tandūr, tandoor; see tandoor.]


a. an Indian method of cooking meat or vegetables on a spit in a clay oven
b. (as modifier): tandoori chicken.
[from Urdu, from tandoor an oven]


(tɑnˈdʊər i)

1. baked or roasted in a tandoor: tandoori chicken.
2. a pl. of tandoor.
[1965–70; < Hindi tandūrī]


ntandoori m
a chicken tandoori → un poulet tandoori
tandoori oven → four m tandoori
tandoori chicken → poulet m tandoori
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ACUSTOMER has told how a curry house owner threw chili powder in his eyes after he complained about "rubbery" and "shiny" tandoori chicken.
A CUSTOMER has told how a curry house owner threw chilli powder in his eyes after he complained about "rubbery" and "shiny" tandoori chicken.
And there's some familiar names still left in the Cup with last season's champions Hardwick Social paired out with multiple Sunday Cup winners Oyster Martyrs who beat Penn Tandoori Sundats 5-1 thanks to a four-goal blast from Leighton McGivern which was added to by a further effort from Ste Milne.
3) khansama tandoori village total price: Loading7,425.
3 (ANI): Tandoori Indian Restaurant, which will be taking care of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's culinary needs during his visit to China for the BRICS summit, is feeling honoured to be given this task.
Signature highlights include: tandoori raan, a tender leg of baby lamb, Khyber spiced marinade, cooked in a clay oven; makai ki tikki, corn patties, royal cumin seed, green chillies and coriander; five grains tandoori roti, a wholewheat bread, ragi, oats, pearl millet (jawar) and red millet (bajra), cooked in the tandoor; and hara masala pomfret, whole pomfret stuffed with mild coconut and coriander chutney, seared until crisp.
Chefs were preparing food before opening time on Tuesday afternoon when a blaze started at Ponteland Tandoori.
I am sure that you must have heard the word "Tandoor" and must have relished some Tandoori food delicacies as well.
Tandoori chicken is a regular dish in restaurants and takeaways but tandoori salmon is rarely on menus.
A MAN was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder following a double-stabbing at a tandoori restaurant.
Specialising in north Indian cuisine, the menu offers a wide selection of starters ranging from favourites such as aloo tikki to the Ganesha tandoori selection - a platter of murgh malai, archari chicken tikka, tandoori chicken, rampur sheekh kebab and barrah kebab.
Kontek Ltd, the company behind Samirah Bangladesh Tandoori in Llangollen, was ordered to fork out PS5,000 - the second time it has been ordered to do so.