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Noun1.tangerine tree - a variety of mandarin orangetangerine tree - a variety of mandarin orange  
tangerine - any of various deep orange mandarins grown in the United States and southern Africa
Citrus reticulata, mandarin, mandarin orange, mandarin orange tree - shrub or small tree having flattened globose fruit with very sweet aromatic pulp and thin yellow-orange to flame-orange rind that is loose and easily removed; native to southeastern Asia
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In his kitchen--a tangerine tree and redolent jasmine that he planted just outside--Miller seems a little sad, beaten.
He points to a nearby tangerine tree. "In one harvest, I can get 10 bags of oranges.
Which Lennon & McCartney song includes the lyrics "Tangerine tree and marmalade skies"?
The likes of Tangerine Trees, Alpha Delphini and most recently Take Cover (twice) have won the five furlong sprint and the 2019 renewal looks as competitive as ever.
Alpha Delphini will be nine next year but Smart takes comfort from the fact that half-brother Tangerine Trees was still winning races at the age of 11.
ITV4 cameras are also at Hamilton where DEPUTISE (2.05) is hard to oppose in the Tangerine Trees Stakes.
Favourite backers should collect courtesy of DEPUTISE in the Tangerine Trees Conditions Stakes (2.05).
"His half-brother Tangerine Trees won a Group One and he's done it on the best track in the GARRY OWEN racing@dailyrecord.co.uk world to me.
His four-acre farm is home to over 600 mature tangerine trees and another 700 young trees that are at the budding stage.
ITV cameras will also be at Hamilton for a cracking card headlined by the Buttonhook Handicap and the Tangerine Trees Conditions Stakes.
Enjoy top-class racing action and look out for the highlight PS30,000 Totepool Tangerine Trees Conditions Stakes over six furlongs and the famous PS22,000 Totepool Buttonhook Handicap Stakes.
They were aware, for instance, that the citrus stinkbug, citrus leaf-miner, leaf-feeding caterpillars, and aphids could--and would--attack their lemon, orange, pomelo and tangerine trees. Not having access to malathion, acetamiprid, cyhexatin+tetradifon, methidathion, spinosad and other modern weapons of the war on insects, they tried working with nature, rather than running immediately into battle.